Ben Affleck: Disneyland Dad

Ben Affleck spent part of his Thanksgiving weekend in the Happiest Place On Earth. No, I’m not talking about the kitchen.

“We went to Disneyland, which is a lot of fun,” Ben told Jimmy Kimmel Live about his theme park excursion with wife Jennifer Garner and daughters Violet, 5, and Seraphina, 2½. “They’ve got tea cups, the Dumbo fly. The kids do love it.”

Unfortunately it sounds like the kids enjoyed the rides a little more than Ben did. “My kids have a tolerance for going in circles that I don’t, it nauseates me,” he admitted. “My children, at 5, can already do a lot more than I can.”

But the family still managed to fit in some time for a traditional meal. “My wife cooks… she made the turkey,” Ben says. “She’s a great cook. I wouldn’t even compare so I don’t want to insult her by trying. It’s out of consideration for her that I don’t try to cook.”

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  1. dholmas

    Sounds like my husband in the kitchen. Please do not cook for me. His job is to clean and load the dishwasher. Sounds like they had a great time over the weekend.

  2. Tazina

    You are a superficial tool. Violet is a pretty little girl. I suppose you’re looking at her teeth and ears. The teeth are baby ones and her next pair will be gorgeous. Ears can be pinned back “if” the person they belong to decides they want them changed. Now crawl back into your hole where you belong.

  3. Pauline

    In popsugar, there are pics taken by a fan about the big family in disneyland. Jen’s parents and sister’s family also went along. Ben is doting dad.

  4. alaina

    I don’t think violet is a cute little girl. Just because she’s a celebrity child everyone had to think violet is beautiful.

  5. skyler

    by the way sera is 1 and a half not 2½

  6. Anonymous

    I totally agree with Alaina. She is not cute. Everyone thinks she is because she’s a celebrity child. If she wasn’t, people would never comment about her at all.

    • Anonymous

      Just because a child is not cute in some photos does not mean that it is NOT cute. Some pics of Shiloh (who happens to be a gorgeous child) have been featured in some photographs that show her less than cute, but who in their right mind would venture to say she is not cute? Only a fool, that’s who.

      The bottom line is that if and when an adult of good breeding happens to think a particular child is not *cute* the mature thing to do is refrain from making a rude comment at. It speaks volumes about the person making such a comment.

  7. Anonymous

    Btw, Violet is a very beautifu child and someday you will eat your words when you become open minded enough to take the blind hatred for her parents (especially her mom) from your heart.

  8. Anonymous

    oh how exciting. the first parent ever to take their kid to disneyland. ha!

  9. Courtney

    Undoubtedly he will be carrying her into her first day of college.

  10. Anonymous

    Ha ha. Ten more years and she will be the next Paris Hilton. Can’t wait…….

  11. Anonymous

    So many bitter people hating on this family for no reason. Jealous, much?

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