Jennifer Garner’s Ponytail Princess

So cute!

Seraphina Affleck, who turns 2 next month, was in ponytails today as she and her big sister Violet, 5, joined their mom Jennifer Garner on a trip to Toy Crazy at the Brentwood Country Mart in California (December 4).

Dad Ben Affleck recently revealed that the family spent Thanksgiving at the ‘happiest place on earth,’ saying:

We went to Disneyland, which is a lot of fun. They’ve got tea cups, the Dumbo fly. The kids do love it…. My kids have a tolerance for going in circles that I don’t, it nauseates me. My children, at 5, can already do a lot more than I can.”

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Photo credit: Flynet, Pacific Coast News


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  1. Carly

    Seraphina is a beautiful girl with a not so cute name… i think shes cuter than violet for sure. i hate how mason disick always wears socks not shoes and the same socks in different colors!! hate that

  2. Anonymous

    Kudos to Jennifer Garner for living her life and not hiding out like a criminal or somebody in a witness protection program just because the paps following her relentlessly.

    She presses on and does what she has to do inspite of the constant stalking of them and at the same time she make her kids feel safe and loved (she could leave them at home with the nanny but then she would miss that time with them). What an inspiration to other famous mothers with the same or similar problem.

    When I become rich and famous and have children, I gonna try to do the same thing. lol

  3. Anonymous

    I love how in the third picture VIolet is actually in the air! She is the most adorable celebrities’ child of all (IMO of course). Seeing pictures of her lighten me up!

    • Anonymous

      I love that picture too. She is skipping and is so full of joy and life. Notice how soon she stopped when she saw the paps. She has picked up on the way her mom and dad feel about the paps. Very advanced for a kid her age.

  4. Jules

    Seraphina is freaking adorable!

  5. adrianna

    Actually*Said @ 12:11 pm” without you she would be a nobody since you troll the internet for articles and stories about her and make sure to post a comment thereby making her popular. Not very smart or are you truly a fan using reverse psychology to garner numerous hits on all the blogs? Hmmmm?

    This is why people post a nasty comment on Jennifer Garner because dumb people will always defend Jennifer. They get a rise out of it. No matter what people post about this family? Some one will always defend them but if someone posts a nasty comment about Angelina or Gwen no one defend them I wonder why.

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s probably because some women tend to blame Jennifer for the paps following her and she is not to concerned with trying to put together a chic outfit when she is not at work. Most of them are a slave to fashion and seen to wanna force her to dress up and (not go out of the house unless she is camera ready). I think other moms identify with Garner because she seems to be a hands on mom on a day to day basis and not just when she has something to promote or want to show off a new outfit……Just a thought. Any more theories????

  6. Anonymous

    What does she have to promote she doesn’t do movies or TV shows anymore, the only thing she promoting now is herself as a supermom with the daily photos of her and her kids. Ben is the one that is only around he has a movie out or when he promoting one which he has “The Company Men” starring Ben Affleck is supposes to come out December 10th and the last time they were photograph together as a family he was when he was promoting “The Town”.

    • Anonymous

      Both parents work for a living and that involves promoting, producing, writing, directing and etc are obligated to contracts they entered into. Jen has four films due to be released in 2011 (two of which of in post production, and 2 yet to be filmed). She start shooting in January and sometimes after that, she will began shooting the next one.

      Why not make statements regarding celebs if you haven’t bothered to do your research and speak out of both sides of your mouth?

      How is spending quality time with your kids on a daily basis considered promoting them? When ever a woman is working non-stop at her career and can spend as much time being a mom to her young is not pleasing to you is no reason to go from internet blog to blog and talk nonsense about them. Get over it, she is not on Alias anymore but is just as happy and successful at what she is doing.

  7. Anonymous

    Always interesting to see how many comments this family always gets. That’s what keeps the papaparrzi always after them! They SELL

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