Nicole Richie: “I Have To Protect My Children”

Nicole Richie has reportedly settled with paparazzo Fabricio Luis Mariotto, dropping her petition for a permanent restraining order provided he stay away from Nicole, her fiance Joel Madden and their kids Harlow, 2, and Sparrow, 1, for 5 years.

The mom-of-two told Ellen DeGeneres that when the photographer showed up at her daughter’s school she felt she needed to take action.

“Recently there was a certain paparazzi that was trespassing onto my daughter’s school. I don’t want to prevent anyone from making a living, but at the end of the day we all do have to follow certain guidelines and we all have to answer to somebody. And at the end of the day, as a mother, I have to protect my children. It’s instinctual. Right or wrong, you have to protect your children.”

In other news, rumor has it that Nicole and Joel will be tying the knot in New York City this weekend!

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Photo credit: Flynet Pictures

  • Anonymous

    How does settling with him without a restraining order protect her daughter?

    • Elsa

      Sorry if this is completely inaccurate, but I think it’s probably just, “Stay away or we’ll make you stay away” – in other words, the guy either keeps away voluntarily and with nothing against him, or a restraining order is granted and he has to keep away by law and has something against him on his criminal record.

      Probably more complicated than that (don’t even know if what I said is at all right!) but that’s what I’m reading from it.

  • Anonymous

    She’s nothing but a backwards idiot.

    • Kate

      how is she a backwards idiot by wanting to protect her children?

      sounds like a comment a backwards idiot would make…

  • SMH

    By the way it’s a shame that’s all people set out do or think about, whenever they hear of a person, just keep on saying and posting the same stuff ans if that is really going to hurt their feelings, I bet we all aren’t even relevant in the slightest in these people’s lives lol

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