LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Attend Mason’s Soccer Game

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian attended his 7-year-old son Mason’s soccer game in Los Angeles, Calif. on Saturday (December 4).

The actor’s other son, Jake, 3, hung out on the sideline. He looked content munching on an apple!

The country singer recently said she’s excited to spend Christmas with the boys.

“[Eddie’s] going to introduce me to the kid tradition,” Rimes said. “I’ve never had two kids running around Christmas morning. It’s exciting! I’m still one of those kids that wake’s up at 5:30 in the morning.

“I will probably be up before them. I usually am anyways. I get coffee ready, I get breakfast ready, and then I’m ready to go. It’s fun to have kids around! It’s completely different.”

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. Anonymous

    This is disgusting. So once again this man uses his kids to promote his career. Yeap, EC’s Hallmark movie is airing this week.

    And sites like this tell them that it’s okay.

    Now didn’t EC say that it disturbs him to see his kids faces in the tabs? If this man can’t keep a promise to his own kids, why then do you want us to believe that EC is in love with LR or even keeping a promise to her.

    Once again, have you noticed that the paps show up the kid’s game when Leann knows that their mother isn’t going to be there.

    Well LR and EC just gave the public even more reason to dislike them.

    Perhaps instead of patting these two on the back, you could for once question why EC never ever keeps a promise to his kids.

    What type of man uses his own kids to promote his career? That is sick.

  2. Anonymous

    He looked content being used as a prop because his father has so little talen that he has to make himself famous by turning those innocent kids into public figures after he made such a big fuss about how he wanted to shield them from the nature of tabloids?

    How much is Leann paying you because everyone else is disgusted by how much they use those kids for their dying careers.

  3. Anonymous

    agree with 1 and 2…I don’t care if they live in an affluent area but it’s hard to believe that the wh**e curled her hair and managed to wear a knee high boots to a soccer game…yuck

  4. Anonymous

    Can the author of this article please explain why these photos of them at the soccer game with the kids ONLY happen when Leann knows that their mother won’t be at the game? Do you find that odd?

    So as we can clearly see, Leann set this photo-op up. And these sites are not doing LR and EC any favors by posting photos like this.

    BTW, these two are so disgusting that once again they were making out on the sidelines. That is not the appropriate thing to do when LR keeps saying that she has those kids best interest at heart, especially after that meeting she had with the kids mother.

    Please, get those two away from those kids because it is clear that they don’t have the kids best interest at heart.

  5. mackenzie

    Well I guess when Eddie career is failing. He has to use his children and affair to boost up his image. I wonder how brandy is feeling right now.

  6. Anonymous

    How disgusting. I just saw that someone from your site is making tons of “you and EC and those kids looked great at the game” tweets to Leann. So we were right, LEANN RIMES has some sort of deal with this site where she informs them of where she and EC will be with those kids. You mght want to tell whomever is tweeting Leann about those kids to stop because as Eddie Cibrian said once before, he doesn’t want his kids exposed to the media. So if EC would make such a lie like that, why exactly are we supposed to believe that he is in love with Leann? Seriously, did EC cheat on LR with her best friend or something because LR is going nuts in these past days trying to convince people that all is well with “her family”.

    Well one thing is for sure, the public has even more reason to dislike LR.

    If Leann was so happy and in love with EC and enjoyed having those kids around, would she even need to contact your site everytime she does something with those kids?

  7. Anonymous

    I just can’t stand her!

  8. Lisa Estall

    Please note, LeAnn Rimes does not have a deal with CBS.

  9. Anonymous

    Good thing the kids take after Brandi Glanville.

  10. Anonymous

    So why then is Leann discussing this particular photo-op on her twitter page with someone from this site as if she has some ongoing relationship with this site (ie-she is “friendly” with whomever she was tweeting with from this site because she has been arranging for someone from this site to meet up with her when she is in public with those kids). Leann’s whole attitude (in those tweets she was making to someone from this site) concerning the photo that you posted about those kids was strange. Now why would she be encouraging this site or even responding to tweets from this site about those kids when they posted photos of those kids?

  11. Anonymous

    I also wanted to ask, is it a common practice for someone from this site to send tweets to these celebs just to tell them how great they look playing “stepmother” with another woman’s kids?

  12. Anonymous

    Just like we called it, this photo-op was just an attempt to exploit those kids so that Leann can promote her single and so that EC can promote his Hallmark movie.

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