Matthew Broderick & James: Bike Boys

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off star Matthew Broderick took his 8-year-old son James Wilkie to school in New York City this morning (December 6). The father-son duo were seen cruisin’ to class on a two seat bicycle.

Last month we saw Matthew, James and mama Sarah Jessica Parker in their red carpet duds at the premiere of the latest Harry Potter flick.

Matthew and SJP are also parents to 1-year-old twin girls, Loretta and Tabitha.

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  • Libs

    Hmm doesn’t look like a two seater to me! James is sat on the parcel rack and hanging on to the back of the saddle is he not?! ; )

  • Anonymous

    Matthew must be the coolest dad ever!! Love to see how involved he is with his family.

  • Anonymous

    Cute pic, love how they always walk, scoot, or ride to scholl with James!!!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Matthew Broderick — you have confused your son with a pannier. Maybe you should think of buying a Trail-a-bike attachment? It would be safer. And then you could sit on your bike seat without squishing the boy’s thumbs.

  • Anonymous

    Not that safe to do. James seems small for his age.

  • Anonymous

    James is 8 years old. He’s not 3 or 4. Also, Matthew is riding the bike on the sidewalk, not in the street. We used to ride on a bike standing up on the back wheel spokes in the street with no helmets. Please people, stop being so damn judgemental about every little thing.

  • chachad

    I’m sure Matthew would not do anything to hurt his son. Maybe you all should call such great fathers like Charlie Sheen, David Hasselhoff and Alec Baldwin and they can give Matthew pointers on how to be a good responsible father.

  • Audrey

    Ha ha. We used to ride like that when I was a kid.

  • Anna

    We ride bikes like this all the time here. It’s safe.

  • Anonymous

    It’s perfectly safe. Those helmets look ridiculous, though. In Holland, where I grew up, I would ride in a seat on the back and my sister would ride in a basket-seat over the handlebars with my mom peddling us along from place to place. Take a trip to Amsterdam and look at how people use bikes for family transport instead of cars. It’s funny how people assign fear and danger to things that are neither, like bikes, but have no qualms at all about things that are *actually* dangerous and potentially life-threatening, like driving a multi-ton vehicle that runs on flammable liquid that’s set on fire to make it go (that’s a car with gas and pistons, y’all) while talking on the phone.

  • anonymous

    the only thing that might be dangerous is james’ shoes or pants could get caught in the spokes. other than that it’s fine, lighten up people!

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who thinks this is unsafe, find a statistic that shows how many children have been killed while riding bikes to school with their parents (I believe the number is zero or near-zero). Then, note that nearly 300 children are backed over by parents’ (their own, or a fellow classmate) cars each year. Perceived danger, actual danger — you driving is the biggest threat to your child and their classmates.

  • Libs

    I don’t think it’s unsafe, I was merely pointing out how ‘unobservant’ the writer of the article is! x



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