Michael Sheen: I Moved To LA For Lily

British-born actor Michael Sheen may have relocated to Los Angeles to be closer to his 11-year-old daughter Lily Mo (whose mom is actress Kate Beckinsale) but he insists he doesn’t have a typical Hollywood lifestyle.

“When I’m not working it’s quite simple. I don’t do the whole LA nightlife thing. I enjoy being at home, being with my daughter, and simple pleasures,” the Frost/Nixon star tells UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph. “I’m here for Lily. If Lily wasn’t living here I wouldn’t be. But having lived here for eight years I’ve got used to it. I’ve made it my own and work options have increased for me, so that’s changed.”

Despite the circumstances surrounding their split – she reportedly left him for Underworld director Len Wiseman while they were both filming the flick – Kate and Michael have managed to maintain a great relationship.

Commenting last year on their close ties, Kate – who has since married Len – said, “It’s just incredibly groovy [that everyone gets along]. I think they’re both great guys. I love Michael. He’s absolutely one of my most favourite people ever. I think we both felt it was really important for Lily also to have everybody in the same place. He loves her, I love her and Len loves her.”

Michael has moved on romantically as well – having recently split from British ballerina Lorraine Stewart, he is now dating his Midnight in Paris co-star Rachel McAdams.

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  • Anonymous

    She is such a cutie-pie. It’s funny, when I see pictures of her with her mom, I think “Wow, she looks just like her dad!” But, when I see pictures of her with her dad, I think “Wow, she looks just like her mom!”

  • snaperulz

    I only see her dad in her face.

    • Shirilicious

      Me too. She’s all Michael.

  • anonymous

    she looks exactly like her dad

  • Anonymous

    It’s kinda weird that Rachel McAdams could potentially become her stepmom someday

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