Angelina Jolie On Shiloh, Brad & Johnny

From her relationship with Brad Pitt to her daughter Shiloh‘s tomboy style, Angelina Jolie touches on some hot topics in a new interview with UK newspaper The Daily Mail.

Dismissing the constant rumors of a split, Angelina insists that she and Brad are “sweet, thanks for asking.” So between their huge careers, 6 kids and humanitarian work how do they find time for each other? Date nights!

“You have to make time when you are not Mom and Dad once in a while. I think for anybody who has kids, the most important thing is that you love your children, but you also have to stay focused on each other so that you stay strong. And you staying strong as a couple keeps the kids in an even better place.”

Her role as a mom is the most important one. She strives, she says, to give “my children the sense that they are deeply loved and deeply safe.”

She also wants to “encourage their individuality.” Her 4-year-old daughter Shiloh’s tomboy style has been a hot topic in the tabloids, but Angelina says her kids can be whoever they want to be.

“I don’t think it’s for the world to interpret anything. She likes to dress like a boy and wants her hair cut like a boy and she wanted to be called ‘John’ for a while. Some kids wear capes and want to be Superman and she wants to be like her brothers. It’s who she is. It’s been a surprise to us and it’s really interesting, but she’s so much more than that – she’s funny and sweet and pretty. But she does love a tie…”

Family is something that Angelina and her The Tourist co-star Johnny Depp have in common.

“It turns out we are both a bit reclusive,” she says with a laugh. “That’s why our paths had never crossed – neither of us attends many parties or goes out very much. Neither of us seems to take ourselves too seriously. And maybe there’s something about being in a place in your life where your family is so central to you that you have a good perspective on it all…. You appreciate the work, and when you are there you focus and give it your best, and then when it’s done you go home to your family. Your life is full off-set and you have this nice balance. Johnny is like that and I’m like that, too.”

While filming in Venice both Johnny and Angie brought their partners and kids along. “We got together as families,” she says. “Brad, Vanessa and all the kids; that was lovely. Just family stuff.”

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  1. JMO

    I really don’t get the fuss over Shiloh’s style. My cousin was a major tom boy growing up and at 21 still kind of is. But she def. embraces her womenhood too. She just prefers the laid back comfortable look and she’s the sweetest most kindest person I’ve ever met in my life which at the end of the day is all that matters.
    Rock your look Shiloh!

  2. Anonymous

    My niece wanted to be a cat when she was Shiloh’s age. She’d crawl around on all fours meowing. Kids have quite the imaginations sometimes. I think Shiloh will be just fine no mater who she grows to be.

  3. Anonymous

    I think my niece was 8 or 9 before she stopped with the pretending to be a cat….and my little sister swore her imaginary friend Jackie was realy….she talked to her all the time & if she got mad at her, they had huge fights and she would insist that we couldn’t talk to Jackie….she got in such a big fight with her one day she packed her up & moved her to Chicago….I think it’s good for kids to be imaginative…..

  4. Anonymous

    angelina and brad are sooooooooooooo played out. fake, fake, fake,,

  5. Anonymous

    her and johnny both had crazy partying pasts though. she conveniently forgot about that. idk what it is about her, she always comes across as so phony and humorless. not a hint of personality is ever exposed by her interviews

    • abby

      i don’t think she conveniently forgot about it, she is talking about the present and what their lives are NOW. why mention the past? she caught flak when she talked about that stuff too though, so she really can’t win with you people.

  6. Anonymous

    How can she be so super skinny and still have a chest that size? My guess is that she has had a boob job. Angie has odd boney hands, what’s with that?

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