Cheryl Hines: Catherine Is “Like My Little Best Friend”

Actress and mother Cheryl Hines has teamed up with Lysol to demonstrate and reward moms for things they can do in their community to help keep their families thriving through the Lysol Mission for Healthy Community Heroes Contest.

The Curb Your Enthusiasm star opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her recent divorce and how they explained the split to their 6 1/2-year-old daughter Catherine, her favorite mother-daughter moments, and her passion to help keep schools a healthy place for our kids.

CBS: Tell us about teaming up with Lysol to help make our communities healthier.

CH: “I have teamed up with Lysol to launch their mission for health. Lysol is encouraging people to help prevent the spread of germs in schools and their communities. They’re sponsoring this contest where moms and everyone can go online and tell us what they’re doing to promote health in their community. They can win a monetary prize that they can donate to their community charity of their choice. Lysol is encouraging everyone to donate cleaning supplies to their local schools. They’re encouraging people to pick up Lysol cleaning supplies and donate to promote health in their local schools.

I wanted to team up with Lysol for this project because I’m a mom myself. I’ve been working in a lot of schools lately to help clean up schools and get them looking good. We want to show the kids that we care about them. I love that Lysol was launching this mission to health with the idea of going in and helping their community. I like that people are pitching in and helping to do something and do more for health. Anybody that has kids knows how difficult it is to keep them healthy. The go to school and they come home with who-knows-what. The more we can do to promote health and hygiene, the better.”

CBS: It sounds like you agree with the philosophy that it takes a village?

CH: “Omigosh it does take a village, that’s for sure. I have a big family and I have a lot of close friends and we are all there for my daughter. She probably thinks that everybody has about five people taking care of them at any given point.”

CBS: What are some of the fun things you do with Catherine?

CH: “We do a lot of dancing in the living room, cake baking and things like that. I think it’s all about having fun.”

CBS: Do you think you’ll have more kids in the future?

CH: “As they say, I think I’m ‘one and done.’ I like having one child. I like doing everything with my daughter. I lay down with her at night and read her books and tell her stories. I really enjoy having that time with her. I know that there’s a way to do it where you have more and you divide your time – people figure it out. But I’m very happy where I am. I got my girl and we have so much fun together.

We listen to songs on the radio in the car. We do a lot of baking. We just made a cake with special frosting because we’ve been inspired by the Cake Boss. We often bake a lot of cakes and cupcakes and they sit on the counter because there’s no way we can eat all that stuff! Our two favorite things are baking and singing along to the radio. We do pedicures and get our nails done too. I tell ya, she’s like my little best friend.”

CBS: What grade is she in? Does she like school?

CH: “She’s in first grade. Well, she likes lunchtime and some of the sports. She loves art. The rest she tolerates. I actually think she’s learning enjoying to read. She won’t say that to you, but it’s exciting to watch her go from not being able to ready anything to being able to read a little book. It’s gotta feel good to her even though it’s a slow, painful process. But it’s really fun to see that evolution as a parent.”

CBS: Has she come home saying anything shocking from school? Have you had to have any ‘tough’ talks with her yet?

CH: “When she hangs out with a certain friend and comes home talking about the Katy Perry video where Katy is whipping whipped cream out of her breasts, it’s tough. She then wants to download it and I have to tell her that she can’t. She wants to know why and I try to explain that we need to have a healthy attitude about our bodies – men’s and women’s bodies – and then you get to a point where you just say, ‘You just can’t, that’s why!’ But it’s hard explaining some stuff to her that’s in the media that’s surrounding her but it’s not appropriate for a 6-year-old.”

CBS: And she’s somewhat in the media being the child of a celebrity.

CH: “She is to an extent. I think she thinks it’s normal to have your picture taken when you go places – which is not normal! It’s a little different for her, but she’s grown up like this so that is her normal.”

CBS: How is she handling the separation between you and your husband Paul Young? Was that hard to explain to her?

CH: “It wasn’t that hard to explain to her because my ex-husband and I are still friends and we’re still family. We just spent time together over Thanksgiving. We really have a nice relationship and I think that’s been very helpful in this process. She knows that we both still love her and that my ex-husband and I have a certain kind of love for each other. We’ve been very fortunate – the adjustment hasn’t been hard. I’m sure there’s been times that it’s been confusing and I’m sure there are aspects of it that are difficult to understand, but overall she seems to be doing very well.”

CBS: We love you on Curb Your Enthusiasm! Why do you think your character Cheryl puts up with Larry’s nonsense? What’s the attraction there?

CH: “Well he’s super sexy [laughs]! He is a funny, intelligent person and I think Cheryl and Larry connect on a lot of levels. It’s hard to find somebody that you connect with. I think my character Cheryl knows that and that’s why she puts up with him.”

CBS: Are you hoping to be doing more directing in the future or will you be sticking with acting?

CH: “I don’t know. Directing is so stressful! It was probably one of the most stressful times of my life. And maybe the second time around it’s not so stressful, I don’t know. But right now I’m just concentrating on acting. And I’m sure in the future directing will come back around. For now, I’m just focusing on acting.”

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