Gisele Bündchen: “I Am So Blessed”

Supermodel and mom Gisele Bündchen is out to save the world. The Brazilian beauty has created a new animated Web series called Gisele and The Green Team. The goal? “To find ways to educate kids and adults about a subject very important to me and what should be to them, saving the planet.”

Though she’s long been an advocate of going green, Gisele tells Parentdish that being a mother – her son Benjamin turns 1 today, her stepson Jack is 3 – has made the importance of the message really hit home.

“I had my first munchkin, Jack (Tom Brady‘s son with Bridget Moynahan), before I gave birth to Benjamin. After spending so much time with Jack I saw how he wanted to play with the stuff I was using instead of the toys we bought him. In terms of clothes, I bought Jack so many clothes and am now using them for Benjamin. Look, when I was growing up my sisters and I wore hand-me-downs and am now doing the same thing. This all goes back to my motto: Reduce, recycle and reuse. The more we buy the more we encourage the manufacturers to produce more stuff.”

She’s got a full plate, but Gisele says her family is without a doubt her top priority.

“I don’t have a lot of free time. I am on a strict schedule so I can get everything done. Since I became a mom I make a list of my priorities and making time for family is No. 1.”

She’s quick to gush about little Ben (he’s “so delicious”) and Jack (“I love having him in my life”), and it sounds as though the boys are crazy about one another, too: “Yes they love each other. They have a lot of fun together,” Gisele says.

As for her handsome husband, Gisele reveals that despite their busy schedules they fit in quality time whenever they can.

“We always have date night at least once a week. Benjamin goes to sleep around 7:30 pm, and if Tom is home, we always have dinner together so we have time to talk. You have to make time for what I call a couple’s relationship.”

From work to marriage to motherhood, Gisele seems to have no complaints.

“I am very grateful and very happy to have them,” she says of her family. “I am so blessed.”

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  1. Cabos

    I’m pretty sure she didn’t say “i had my first munchkin” in that sense that almost everyone will make it seem here. It had to be bad translated, or she’s still doesn’t know the proper words in English to refer to Jack in her life.

    Either that, or she deliberately said it that way cause she’s starting to love the controversy she causes in every single interview she gives.

  2. Heather

    Gisele is beautiful and so is her family!

  3. Anonymous

    Pretty sure she was saying she had her first munchkin in her life. As in, there was already a child in her life before Benjamin.

  4. Anonymous

    First of all, I love that she treats Jack as her own son. It would be horrible for a child to feel less loved by his parent’s spouse. It has nothing to do with his mother and if his mother eventually marries, I hope her partner would also love the boy as his son.

    Secondly, I love that she values earth and wants to teach the children to save the planet. ppl take it far too lightly, but the fact is humans are dwindling earth’s resources at a scary rate and we should wake up before it’s too late… the future generations will definitely suffer because of the careless way we live now. So more power to her! I try to do the same in my life.

  5. John Clave

    good going liked it even everyone shud see for that saving planet

  6. Anonymous

    wonderful beautiful woman!

  7. Anonymous

    Very sweet words. I see NOTHING wrong with anything she says, really. She loves her children (yes I say “children”, would be weird if she had to differentiate each and everytime, what step parent would do that? lol) and is being asked for interviews left and right. People calm down, Im sure if you were giving interviews all the time, not everyone would like or agree with what you said either. chillax.

  8. Anonymous

    I love positive people/stories about happy celebrity families!!! Really refreshing! If someone has a problem, its probably because they arent used to such positivity/happiness. Sorry but its true. Some people do actually live fulfilled/happy lives and love to gush about it. (I am one of them, lol) That is one reason why my friends and family always love being around me, I rarely have any negative/bitter stories to share. Gisele must be one heck of a person to be around. I can see why all of the fashion world loves to work with her for 15 years and counting. I never see her leaving clubs slurring and stumbling about. She takes little Benjamin with her everytime she travels for work. She seems like a wonderful mum. No complaints here. If people can’t stand it, that’s their own problem. Not Gisele’s.

  9. JMO

    She clearly says I had my first munchkin before giving BIRTH. It’s very clear so there should be no controversy. Better to lvoe your step-son then to treat him like an outsider. Surely it’s better for Jack and Ben and in the end Jack knows who his real mommy is.

  10. Libs

    I love her, such an amazing human being!

  11. Anonymous

    Jack is not her son. Sha’s just wifer his bio father. Her son is just his half brother.

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