Reese Witherspoon Doesn’t Dwell On Her Divorce

Reese Witherspoon is featured on the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly magazine. The actress shares her thoughts on her divorce from Ryan Phillippe and what she hopes to teach her kids, Ava, 11, and Deacon, 7.

It definitely sometimes feels like a suit that I wish I could zip off. But I don’t feel bad about any of the things I’ve gone through, whether it’s divorce or breakups or anything like that, because that’s all part of the life journey, and I have those experiences just like anyone else. And I think it deepens what you tap into creatively.”

The 34-year-old How Do You Know star also admits she doesn’t dwell on things.

She says, “My favorite quote is from Martha Stewart: ‘I have a short memory for painful things.’ And I do. I have one of those incredible memories where I just erase painful things. Maybe that’s really unhealthy, and I probably need to see a therapist. But I don’t dwell. You just keep going forward.

“Also, I have kids. What are you going to do? Are you going to teach them to be one of those people who keep looking in the rear view mirror, or are you going to teach them to be one of those people who go, ‘Tomorrow’s another day’?”

Asked about the wedding rumors surrounding her and boyfriend Jim Toth, she replies, “My mom always texts me, like, ‘Are you getting married?’ I’m like, ‘Mom, come on! You would know if I was getting married.'”

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