Ben Affleck Can’t Wait To Be Mr. Mom

He’s been busy working on his latest films The Town and The Company Men in recent months, but Ben Affleck says he’ll soon be back on full-time Daddy duty with his daughters Violet, 5, and Seraphina, 2 next month.

“My wife’s going to a movie and then it’s going to be just pure Mr. Mom time!” Ben tells US.

The actor/director went on to clarify his recent revelation that he usually picks up a Christmas gift for his wife Jennifer Garner “at, like, CVS on the 24th.”

“It sounded bad, I know!” Ben admits. “When I watched it I was like, ‘I don’t come off very well here.’ But I have that experience quite a bit. Basically, my wife is very in-depth with all this stuff, really sharp, very thoughtful, very thorough. And so for me, I get kind of panicked, I put things off and I just don’t know what to get so just buying her a present – I put more work into that than she does into buying fifteen!”

Speaking of Jen, when asked what he most loves about his wife of 5 years, he replied: “What’s not to love?”

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