Brian Austin Green Joked Son “Got Wasted”

During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Brian Austin Green, 37, chatted about his marriage last June to beautiful long-time love Megan Fox, 24. The hunky actor cracked jokes about how the couple were keen to involve Brian’s 8-year-old son Kassius in their wedding plans and even included him in the bachelor party!

He got wasted,” Brian said. “He got really wasted, but he made it through. He sobered up in time.”

This jesting was in dubious taste and definitely did not amuse everyone. However, the Beverly Hills, 90210 star then added in a less controversial way that his son – from a previous relationship with actress Vanessa Marcil – was best man at his small and intimate marriage.

We didn’t elope. We planned the whole thing, It was just the three of us, we included [Kassius] in the ceremony.”

Was Brian’s joke funny or tasteless?

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  1. antigoniem

    I read the quote and all I could think about the movie “Grown Ups” where the kids are sitting around the table saying “I WANNA GET WASTED…I WANNA GET CHOCOLATE WASTED!!!!!” lol

  2. Ondine

    What in the heck is the father talking about? A big funny joke about his 8-year old son getting wasted at Daddy’s batchelor party? Very funny, only in Hollywood I guess. Yeah, he sounds like Father of the Year. I feel sorry for this boy, it is obvious both his parents are too busy out being movie stars to raise him properly. I’d love to see drug test results from drug testing of both David Austin Green and Vanessa Marcil since they apparently think it’s perfectly fine to imply their boy got wasted while under the supervision of his father.

    • Anonymous

      Wow. I can understand being offended by this, but accusing both of his parents of being drug addicts over a joke is offensive in itself. I’d like to see your drug test results, since you’re obviously too busy criticizing people you don’t know to read properly. The word is “bachelor”, not batchelor”, and this man’s name is “Brian Austin Green”, not “David Austin Green”. I guess you were just too wasted to see that.

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