Michelle Duggar Celebrates Josie’s First Birthday!

Michelle Duggar, famous for her very large family, and star of 19 Kids and Counting, is getting ready to celebrate the youngest Duggar’s first birthday! This will be a very special birthday. Josie Brooklyn, soon to be a year old, was born at 25 weeks due to Michelle’s preeclampsia.

Born weighing just one pound, Michelle tells Radar Online that Josie now weighs 15 pounds! Josie’s reached a few other milestones as well; Michelle adds that Josie can now “say Dada” and that she “waves hi when you say it to her now.”

Michelle and her husband Jim Duggar credit their strong faith in God for giving them the ability to remain optimistic during the tough times.

The touch-and-go of not knowing if she would live and the reality that when she had her bowel perforated on day eight the reality of the fact that she might not make it was so real that I think we took it one minute, one second, one day at a time,” she said.

“We thanked God. It put it all in perspective. You can’t determine the outcome in a situation like that. You just thank God for the moments you had with them.

While Michelle says she and Jim would “absolutely love” to add another baby to the family, they tell Radar Online that’s not in the cards at the moment.

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  1. Anonymous

    They really are blessed. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Josie is indeed a miracle. They are all very lucky.

  3. Desiree Fawn

    So wonderful to know that she’s doing well!

  4. emily

    I’ll bet you anything that Michelle will be pregnant shortly. And pass the responsibility off to the older daughters to watch and care for their younger siblings. The parents are sick to have 19 children. How can the parents show the love and emotional needs for 19 children?

  5. jules

    God had nothing to do with that child survivng as a premie. Thank SCIENCE and DOCTORS for the ADVANCES IN MODERN MEDICINE that helped that child survive.

  6. Blair

    how do they know it’s not in the cards? i thought they left everyting up to ‘god’?

    • Anonymous

      I find it interesting that you or anyone else can judge any person without judging yourself first. If I could guess, all of you who said negative things about God and her having to many children are intrigued by their lifestyle and embarrassed of your own or you would not be watching or writing these comments.. Not in the book of life ,I hope you are!!!

  7. Anonymous

    It’s great that the baby is doing so well and they seem like a nice enough family but I have to feel bad for the other kids. Since Josie was born it’s been basically all about her but the woman has 18 other kids and like 11 of them or something are still really young. They have the older girls basically raising the younger kids but they aren’t a replacement for their mother and the older girls still need a mother. And then the poor kid right before Josie has become basically the forgotten Duggar, her birthday is around the same time as Josie’s but really nobody seems to care. What a mess.

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