Claudia Schiffer: Supermodel Mom On Duty

More proof that supermodels are mere mortals: Claudia Schiffer was spotted taking daughter Clementine, 5, to school on Friday (December 10) just like millions of moms everywhere. Except she looked super fabulous doing it.

The darling Clementine is seen on the left holding hands with a friend. Love their matching coats and scarves!

Claudia is also mom to son Caspar, 7, and just gave birth to her third child, daughter Cosima Violet this past spring. But don’t expect this supermodel to add to her brood – she says her family is now complete. “I have just had my third child in May and I am definitely not going to have any more,” she said recently. “I love being a mum but I am happy with what I have got, so now that’s it.”

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Photo credit: Fame

  • Anonymous

    Aww. Her daughter’s friend is precious. They go to a really posh school.

  • mackenzie

    Adorable kids. I love her children name. But I dislike the name Cosima.

  • Courtney

    I love all Claudia’s children’s names but particularly Clementines because of the old Henry Fonda movie My Darling Clementine. her little friend is adorable as well

  • Anonymous

    I think those matching coats and scarfs are just part of their school uniform…pretty common in the uk

  • Lioness

    “More proof that supermodels are mere mortals…” well, DUH. Ugh, I hate vapid statements like this… what, did becoming more well-known somehow transform these people into something other than human? CBS, please don’t contribute to the idea that supermodels and other celebs are somehow “superhuman” or different than us, when they are not… there’s enough of that nonsense to go around.

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