Adam Sandler: Gym Day With Sadie & Sunny

No couch potatoes here – Adam Sandler got daughters Sadie, 4, and Sunny, 2, out of the house and into the gym on Saturday (December 11).

By the way, were you one of the 5,000 people invited to Adam Sandler’s holiday party this weekend? My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.

The comedian started a tradition of throwing a huge seasonal gathering years ago, and now takes over a huge sports complex in Burbank, Calif. to accommodate his guests. Those who were lucky enough to get on the exclusive list enjoyed ice skating, bowling, open bar, and gourmet food and a performance by Adam’s band. And apparently security was heavy, so crashers were promptly turned away.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • k

    I love Adam Sandler. He doesnt ever seem to court the press, use his children for publicity or dress them up like fashion victim dolls. I genuinely think these children have one of the best sets of parents going and hopefully will grow up more grounded than alot of the rest of the children on these pages.

  • rachel s

    does he have sensory issues? I’ve only ever seen him photographed in gym shorts no matter what the weather is.

  • Anna pranjuletion

    The kids sandler like aguilera son they have almost like max

    • Anonymous123

      Please, learn to write in proper English before you post.

      • Anonymous

        Wow, how ignorant! Who the heck are you to tell someone they aren’t allowed to post here because they don’t speak proper english. I think we all pretty much got what she was trying to say, that Adam Sandler’s kids look alot like Christina’s son Max.

        • jules

          Ignorant doesn’t mean what you think it does.

          • Anonymous

            Guess I should have just called her stupid. Maybe it didn’t fit exactly what I was trying to say my goodness. We’ve got the english police out full force.

          • Anonymous123

            Haven’t you been reading the other articles lately? Some of them have been FLOODED with comments like Anna Pranjuletion’s! I’m sick and tired of seeing the comments section filled with improper English. It almost feels like the articles are being spammed.
            You’re right though. Everyone IS allowed to comment. However, can’t you see where I’m coming from? You have to draw the line somewhere.

  • Amy

    I like Adam Sandler but I think his kids look homely like they just woke up and are still wearing their PJ’s.

    • Anonymous123

      Did you not read the article? They’re going to the gym! Most people dress this way when they’re headed to the gym, especially in the Winter.
      What should a 2 year old and a 4 year old be wearing to the gym then?? Dresses? Shorts and a tank top? It’s cold outside where they live!!

  • LauraJen

    Adam’s girls are so pretty! 🙂 I’m glad that he is showing them the importance of exercise this early on.

    • Suzy

      You’re joking, right? On both counts I would assume.

  • Anonymous

    They are soo adorable! They could wear potatoe sacks and still look adorable. He is a very hands on dad. When My husband get my girls ready they have have on whatever he finds(no matching). Those girls look very cute and can red flower shoes look homely?

  • Amy

    Anonymous123 first off don’t try to school me and yes I did read the article a cut sweat suit like the kind you find at Gap would have been better then the Pajama looking outfit that they have on. Also it can’t be that cold that nether girl has on jackets and that Sadie wearing flip-flops.

    • Anonymous

      You sound really dense!

    • Annie123

      Chill out Amy, let the kids at least enjoy their young years before they start receiving judgment (from people like you) about what they wear! I’m sure you’re one those who freaks out seeing Shiloh dressed like a boy or Kingston wearing nailpolish.

    • Anonymous123

      Ahaha! You make me laugh, Amy. You sound ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    Amy what’s it matter to you anyway. Lmao. Seriously!! People are rather strange these days. Wow.

  • Amy

    Annie123 Actually I don’t mind the way Shiloh dressed like a boy and I don’t have a problem with Kingston wearing nail polish ether. I just think they could have wore something that doesn’t look like Pajamas and I’m 99% positive that Sadie is wear PJ’s, people are always talking crap about Katie Holmes when she lets Suri wear her PJ in public but it’s ok when Sadie does it?

  • Anonymous

    Moms dress the kids;
    if u don’t like the way
    sandler dresses be glad
    u ain’t married to him.
    Drive u to a lunybin.

  • testguy

    Potatoe sacks? haha… Maybe on their toes?

  • Cam

    I love seeing Adam with his adorable girls. I find it refreshing that the kids aren’t always dressed to the nines. They’re dressed like normal children! They look comfortable in their clothes, just like a child should!

  • Cam

    I love seeing Adam with his adorable girls!

  • Anonymous

    Poor Sadie.

  • Alex

    I love adam sandler movies especially the comedy ones 🙂
    i have the same gym shorts as hym

    You can find them at

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