Johnny Depp Wants More Kids. Maybe.

Johnny Depp has talked about how he bonded with Angelina Jolie over their kids while the two were filming The Tourist. And it appears that seeing the actress and Brad Pitt and their large family might have made Johnny consider giving kids Lily-Rose, 11, and Jack, 8, another sibling.

“Well, when you see Brad with a little baby, you get a little broody and clucky,” the actor admitted about wanting another child with Vanessa Paradis.

But after some consideration, the Pirates Of The Caribbean star says perhaps two is enough. For now. “I think we’ll hold off for a bit, for a third.”

Johnny still heaps high praise on Angelina and Brad, though. “It’s amazing the way they handle it [having six kids],” he says. “I mean, they’re both really good parents, you know each one [child] is doing their own thing and having a ball. Brad took them all out to do various things in Venice while we were shooting. It was pretty amazing to see.”

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  • Anonymous

    thanks .

  • Anonymous

    yeah keep smoking that wad Johnny wackjob. don’t procreate anymore though.

  • Anonymous

    How about getting married first?

    • Belinda Barnacle

      How insightful. But, last time I checked, you don’t need to be married to have children. Has this changed?

      • Suzy

        You don’t need to be, but you should be.

        • Anonymous

          lol if he were in 1800 get into the new world darling getting married doesnt matter anymore

  • Gabriel

    As I know, Angelina and Johnny have one secret for public. They makes not usual relationships only, but – “relationships by feeling in distance”. That’s simmilar like according website …. kibernetika (webs. com). I don’t know, how much this her “telepathy’s hobby” is successfull (there was one person from intelligent service)..? Of course – she is not so successfull like in case of experienced Jamie Lee Curtis, but I hope… not so unsuccessfull like in case of Liv Tiler, where to anybody are vissible her problemes in her silhouette after relationships with any Mustaffah from Algeria or her strange charakter after relationships with Algis Ramanauskas-Greitai. So gud luck to Jolie in your strange hobby..:) To Johny Depp in the same case… hope he was not disapointed in short relationship with Ugne Skonsmanaite..?:)

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Johnny and Vanessa will have one more child one day or maybe they won´t. Vanessa isn´ too old to have a baby. Just checked and she´s 38. So not too old for getting pregnant. But maybe they´ll settle for Lily Rose and Jack for now. However, it could be that Lily Rose and Jack would love to have another brother or sister one of these days before they get too old and leave home. They sure met the Jolie-Pitt chidlren while their dad and Angelina were shooting The Tourist and even played with them. Lily Rose and Shiloh even share the same birthday – May 27 – Lily Rose being seven years older but still.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous:26am Like being married solve all problem like celebrities and non celebrities aren’t getting divorce left right and sideway now a days. Marriage is not for everyone having a strong relationship were you respect and support each other and have communication is what will benefit their kids not a piece of paper.

  • Anonymous

    My kids are teens and that’ why I stay away from babies I will want one too(smile)

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