The Garner-Afflecks: Farmers Market Family

A-listers Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner enjoyed some family time this weekend, taking their daughters Violet, 5, and Seraphina, 2 next month, to the Farmers Market in Los Angeles, California (December 12).

While Sera seemed content with her mom, her big sister stuck close to dad. Vi’s face seemed to just light up when Ben picked her up – so adorable!

The actor/director recently revealed that he’ll be taking over with the girls while Jennifer heads back to work, saying, “My wife’s going to a movie and then it’s going to be just pure Mr. Mom time!”

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Photo credit: Fame


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  1. Anonymous

    Beautiful family! Violet does seem thrilled to be in her daddy’s arms. Can’t say I blame her. hehehe

  2. Anonymous

    Love this family !Violet smile says it all

  3. Sarah G.

    Violet is absolutely adorable! I remember Dad was the most important person to me too when I was her age. 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Hey, where is my comment CBS?

    Oh well, I’ll just post it again, hope this time is stays.

    Violet does seem to be thrilled to be in her daddy’s arms. I can’t say I blame her. hehehe.

  5. Anonymous

    Such a beautiful family…my all time favorite.

  6. Anonymous

    NO HE IS NOT GAY AT ALL 9:23 ..Vi loves being in her dad’s arms …wow.
    It is so nice to see the family together again..!!! THANKS CBS ..

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