Amy Adams Reveals Her Post-Baby Workout

Amy Adams shows off her post-baby body on the January cover of Marie Claire. The actress, who raises her 7-month-old daughter Aviana with fiancé Darren Le Gallo, tells the magazine she keeps in shape by taking exotic dancing classes based on the S Factor method.

Some mom friends said it’s a good way to lose the baby weight. And I’ll do anything to get off of that treadmill.”

She says of Le Gallo, “[He’s] not competitive with me, which is great. That just wouldn’t work. We’re a family, and he’s really embraced his role as a father [to our 7-month-old daughter Aviana].

The 36-year-old also insists she’s not a prude.

“I did one interview when I was pregnant, and the writer said he thought people would be surprised to know that I had sex,” says Adams. “I didn’t know what to say. I was like, ‘Excuse me if it takes a minute to process the fact that you think I’m asexual.’ Anyway, there’s something great about the world thinking I’m so innocent. Only it’s not true.”

“In my 20s, boy,” she later adds, “I was a hot mess.”

Amy just received a Golden Globe nomination for her role in The Fighter. Congrats!

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Photo credit: Marie Claire

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  • Cabos

    She reminds me of a young Nicole Kidman.

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