Sofia Coppola: “Having Girls Is Fun”

Growing up in a family of boys, director Sofia Coppola says that being a mom to two daughters – Romy, 4, and Cosima, 7 months – is an entirely new experience for her.

“…It was fun being the only girl,” she tells UK newspaper The Telegraph. “That’s why I like being on the film sets with all the camera guys: it’s familiar! The idea of sisters is mysterious to me, some kind of complicated relationship that I don’t know about. So having girls is fun. I hope they’re close. At first Romy was annoyed [about Cosima’s arrival], but now she’s really into being a big sister.”

Motherhood has had a big impact on the way that the Oscar-nominee works – she plans shorter shoots, stays closer to home and is forced to really organize her time.

“I can’t stay up all night writing any more,” admits Sofia, who is in a relationship with musician Thomas Mars. “I have to be more organised, and it takes longer to write in all the chaos. I once had this idea that I needed to be in a quiet room to write, but I’ve learnt to do it with kids running around.”

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  • Samantha

    Sure having girls is fun but it’s not always quiet 😉

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