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@JodieTweetin Thought I’d share a cute pic of Zoie and Beatrix 🙂

@DENISE_RICHARDS Getting my hair and make up done then off to the studio to tape my appearance for the Marriage Ref!!

@tristasutter Watching Blakesley crawling into my closet after her idol…the ferocious maxasaurus rex!

@Bethenny Up and at em again to skate for next week.TIRED.just had a dark choc cupcake w choc frosting for breakfast.NEEDED it.that’s when u indulge!

@MarioLopezExtra Went to Cabo this weekend with my family. Gia’s first trip! She has a passport and everything. Such a good baby, loved the beach..

@KimberlilyBrook New mom now so I’ve got to get myself an SUV. What do you love? I’d like to get a hybrid or diesel.

@torianddean LOL moment… In the “potty” w/ Stella and she says “DON’T waste the toilet paper. You don’t need anymore!” Ha ha!

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Photo credit: Jodie Sweetin's Twitter

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  • Heather

    Awe…the bigger one looks like she could bust out with a “pin a rose on your nose” haha! She looks a lot more like her mom than she did before. The baby definately looks like mom. So Cute!!

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