Meet The Stars Of ‘Teen Mom 2’

Farrah, Catelynn, Amber and Maci made the show a hit, but now it’s time to meet the new stars of Teen Mom 2!

Us reveals the four stars from 16 and Pregnant who will appear on MTV’s Teen Mom 2. Click below to read about the new teen moms and their babies.

Leah Messer: This outgoing cheerleader and her boyfriend Corey Simms had only been dating a month when she discovered she was pregnant – with twins! The 18-year-old Clay, Va. native is now proud mom to 12-month-old girls Aliannah and Aleeah. However, she and Simms broke up after she cheated with an ex.

Jenelle Evans: Janelle is a 19-year-old Oak Island, N.C. native and mom to son Jace, 16 months. She is estranged from the father, Andrew Lewis, 25.

Kailyn Lowry: She was abandoned by her own family when she learned she was pregnant with son Isaac, now 11 months. Kailyn, 18, found sanctuary with the family of Isaac’s dad, Jonathan “Jo” Rivera. Watch to find out where the Nazareth, Penn. native is living now and how baby “Izzy” is making out.

Chelsea Houska: Mother to Aubree, now 15 months, this 19-year-old Sioux Falls, Idaho native clashed with her ex Adam Lind. Lind, 19, was nowhere to be found for three weeks after Aubree’s birth and called their daughter “a mistake.” Watch to show to see if they have they reconnected.

Will you be watching Teen Mom 2?

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  • Anonymous

    Really? Another “Teen Mom” is necessary? No. It’s getting ridiculous. I feel bad for Kailyn for her family situation, and Chelsea – as no one should watch their kid be abandoned. But really?

    I live in NC, close to wear Jenelle is from and I saw her, her mother and her son while shopping at a Kohls one day. Her mom was pushing the baby in his stroller. Jenelle went to use the restroom and the mom told her “I’m going to put Jace in his carseat” and when she walked out she YELLED halfway across the store (her mom was already by the door) “GEEZ MOM, don’t wait for me or anything!” everyone around her kinda stopped and looked at her like really? I think I was the only one who recognized her lol but STILL, ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    mhm90 – I understand where you’re coming from, but this chick is/was 16. I #1 don’t understand the whole “make an ex jealous with the new guy” thing, but DEFINITELY don’t understand jumping into bed with that guy, most importantly unprotected, yeesh.

    • mhm90

      Yeah, but now she has 2 reminders of what she did and if she had not had a “one night stand” with this guy she would not have had her girls. It must be tough, it seemed like she regretted the whole thing.. But her girls are precious and I hope they can work things out for their girls.. I still believe 16 is too young to have a child though.

  • Anonymous

    Why are these girls featured on this site? They’re not celebrities. And do you really think it’s a good idea to be glorifying teen pregnancy like this?

    Please do your readers a favor and stick to the real celebs. You know, the ones who have done something with their lives (you know, other than getting knocked up) to become famous.

  • Anonymous

    I wish MTV would pull the plug on both shows. I wonder if they realize just how many children will be born because countless teenage girls want to be on their show now?

  • blahblahblah

    Do you think if they stopped the show teens would magically stop gettin pregnant? Of course not! mtv is makin serious $$$ for this trainwreck, so yall are wastin ur time….
    Also i do not see how this glorifies teen pregnancy, have you watched the show? Every girl on there is miserable and they all get treated like crap! I think a lack of parenting to these teens is the blame

    • Anonymous

      Getting a show on MTV is Glory enough

    • Anonymous

      I agree with what you said except for the lack of parenting part, I’m a teen mom and my parents are wonderful I just didn’t listen to them…

  • Anonymous

    I want my 15 year old to get a girl pregnant, so he can be my cash cow!! Caaa ching!!!! Why aspire for collage and success when you can just go have a baby while still being a baby. More drama more money baby.

  • Anonymous

    I hope to god none of these girls got pregnant on purpose to be on the show

  • mackenzie

    i read some where a girl sister got pregnant on purpose so she can be on 16 and pregnant.

  • Amy

    Just because she got pregnant, doesn’t mean there was no protection…….The statistics are astounding at how many people fall pregnant even while using some sort of protection.

  • JMO

    It is amazing to me that so many teens can get pregnant yet there are women in their 20’s and 30’s struggling to conceive!! Doesn’t make sense to me at all.
    And The pill is 99% effective if taking properly which many girls fail to do.

    I couldn’t imagine being a teen mom. I am a nanny and I’m in my 20’s and it’s so hard (and I earn a pay at the end of the week)! Let alone to not be finished school, no degree, jobless. I give them credit but I don’t think they should be made famous for their actions.
    Admittedly I’ll probably end up watching. But I enjoyed the old group (minus Amber).

  • Jack109

    While their are always a few dumb people who do things JUST to get on a show, I don’t think that most of them do. I think that a lot of them just want their story to be heard because it is hard to be a teen mom. If watching this show prevents even 1 teen pregnancy then its totally worth it IMO.

    • Yesenia

      Look im a mother with 4 kids at age 23! U young teen girls out here keeps ur legs close! Im raising 4 kids on my own and thier father dont do nothing! And u think is all cool and shit to become a mother at 16? No is not! I drop out of school just to take care of them and work shitty jobs that didnt do enough! Education is the most important goal in ur life. Keep it that way by not getting pregant so young or u will end up like me stuck and alone! If u want my adivce look at me at facebook!


    I was reading about Teen Moms 2 . Janelle needs to be a parent . I’m 24 now with 3 kids but I was 15 when I had my first one any my life is pretty good.

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