Report: Kim Kardashian Considers Adoption

A few months ago Kim Kardashian admitted that she’s “not ready” for motherhood just yet, but it seems she may have had a change of heart.

According to Life & Style magazine the reality star – who is currently in South Africa on a promotional trip – was left “heartbroken” when a friend showed her a photograph of babies at a local orphanage.

“She couldn’t believe that all these beautiful little babies were orphans,” reveals a friend. “Kim was in shock — she just couldn’t believe that none of them had a mom or a dad to love them and tuck them into bed at night. That picture really changed her mind about adoption.”

When she learned that 16 babies are left every day at the Door of Hope orphanage, a “devastated” Kim was spurred to plan a visit with the children there.

“Kim has really come around to the idea that she could raise an orphan as her own child and surround it with the love and family that she grew up with,” her friend continues. “She’s not afraid to be a single mom anymore. She knows she has the money and the support network to raise a baby. Now she just has to find the child that she can be a mother to.”

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  • Anonymous

    Lmao these covers are such a disgrace!! We all know she’s not having a baby. Clearly. Lol!

    • Anonymous

      Oops didn’t bother reading the article. But I doubt the adoption are rumors anyway..

  • Anonymous

    yeah right. She has shown she doesn’t have the ability to care for anyone more than herself. God help anyone who gives this woman a child

  • Cabos

    Well it’s obvious she knows a baby (adopted or conceived) will keep the media glued to her more than ever, so it’s definitely part of her plan to keep her “career” going.

  • Anonymous

    Why is she even relevant? I don’t get how Kim and her family can be interesting to anyone. There lives are shallow and pretentious, and she wants a baby? Let’s hpe it’s just a rumor!

  • Anonymous

    You’re not supposed to adopt a baby, just bc you feel the need to help unfortunate orphans. In fact, this is one of the very reasons AGAINST adoption. Adoption should be only reserved for parents who are wholeheartedly prepared and invested 110% in raising a child other than their own. That’s why the screening process is so intense and selective. And if Kim thinks she can bypass all that with her looks, fame, and money, then she’s dealing with the wrong orphanages anyways.

  • Anonymous

    idiots….., she adopyed one

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