Jessica Alba Talks Little Fockers & 2-Year-Olds

Busy actress Jessica Alba appears in Little Fockers, the latest installment of the Meet The Parents franchise that opens next week. In a recent interview Jessica talked about her role in the movie and also her role in real life – mom to 2-year-old daughter Honor Marie.

Preparing for a major film is hard work, but what’s more challenging – 30 pages of a script or dealing with a 2-year-old? “The 2-year-old!” Jessica laughs. “The script is easy. The 2-year-old is always the problem, not in a bad way. It’s like you totally care. I care about her more than anything else in the whole world.”

But motherhood is also getting a lot more interesting. “She’s 2 ½ now. She’s just getting her opinions and she’s able to voice them now,” the Machete actress explains. “When she gets frustrated, she can talk about it. Before, it was just screaming and crying and I didn’t know how to fix it. Now we can communicate. There are rewards and time outs. There are ways to manage what’s going on. I don’t feel so lost. But you have to stick to your guns. It’s very hard.”

And speaking of communication, little Honor is becoming bilingual – maybe ahead of her mom. “We have people in our house and family members who speak Spanish to her all the time, but my Spanish is terrible. It’s like 1-year-old Spanish,” Jessica admits. “She has a much broader vocabulary than I do already. It’s so good to open up their ears and minds to different languages. By the time they’re 3, their brains start creating prejudices about accents and tones. It’s just something that happens with brain chemistry. The more you can expose them to different sounds and languages before 3, the better. So, yeah, we’re totally trying to do that.

Jessica shows her comedic side in Little Fockers, where she gets to play off of Ben Stiller. “It was such a dream come true,” she said. “I’ve always wanted to do a comedy and, obviously, I love all of these actors. They’re icons. Gosh, can you get a better comedy school than working with Ben Stiller? His timing is so ridiculous, I mean he’s Zoolander! He knows how to do broad, he knows how to do shy, he’s just a comic genius.”

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  1. Anonymous

    oh gawd, here we go again with this talentless actress. Of course a 30 page script is easy for her since every scene for her demands her to just bat her eyes, shake her booty, bend down etc.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, but don’t you remember that memorable quote she gave recently where she said something along the lines of not needing a script? GMAB – she can only aspire to be a credible actress.

      • Anonymous

        I remember, and just recently, she blames the magazine for misunderstanding her again. Go figure…this woman can’t take any responsibilities and likes to back track ridiculous statements she makes. That’s what happens when she doesn’t think before opening her mouth. Remember the save the white shark fiasco she was in? she blamed the people she was involved in, instead of taking responsibility for defacing a property. I can’t stand this woman.

  2. Anonymous

    “people in our house… who speak Spanish” … you mean, the hired help? 🙁 Well, she has the money, she can hire help, but her comment almost comes off being tacky and racist.

  3. Anonymous

    No, I don’t think she means the hired help…Come on. Her father is Mexican. The only thing is…why didn’t these same people talk to HER as a child in Spanish?? It’s cool now to be bilingual but wasn’t then?

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