Lily Allen: Ready To Try For Another Baby In The New Year

Lily Allen suffered a devastating miscarriage in October, but her half-sister says the singer is ready to start trying for another baby in the new year. Sarah Owen says Lily, who lost her baby with boyfriend Sam Cooper six-months into her pregnancy, is “determined” to become a parent.

“New Year, new start. Losing the baby has totally devastated her, she’s still grieving,” Sarah says. “I didn’t realize the impact something like this could have on someone, and as a sister it’s been painful to watch.”

“Lily won’t let this stop her, she is absolutely determined to be a mum. This is what she wants more than anything in the whole wide world, more than her singing career. It’s always been her dream.

“Lily hasn’t been in a great place, but she’s getting there. It’s been a long, hard road. She is in the country with her boyfriend and doing wholesome things. They’re going to start trying (for a baby) in the New Year.”

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  • TiggerTiff

    I wish her all the best and I pray the third time is the charm!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m pulling for her. I hope she finally gets her bundle of joy soon!

  • klutzy_girl

    Good luck to her! I hope the next pregnancy is successful.

  • Anonymous

    I wish her all the best.

  • Lou x

    Lily is awesome, i really really hope she gets everything she wishes for, and 2011 is a better year for her xxx

  • JMO

    My 2011 wish is for her to finally get her baby!! Anyone who desires to be a mom deserves to have that. Good Luck Lily!

  • Domino

    I will be so happy when she finally gives birth to this baby, I hope it happens for her. Good luck from a us!

  • Jessie

    I hope her dream to have a baby comes true.

  • Anonymous

    Just an FYI: It was not a miscarriage. It is called a still born baby.

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