Halle Berry’s Photographer Face-Off

Halle Berry spent some time shopping with daughter Nahla, 2, at the Century City Mall in Los Angeles, Calif. on Thursday (December 16).

Earlier, Halle got angry and very protective of her daughter when photographers got a little too close. The Frankie And Alice actress finally got the paparazzi to back off just a little and give them some space.

Two weeks ago a photographer filed a police report against Halle’s boyfriend Olivier Martinez after an incident outside a West Hollywood restaurant. The lensman accused the Unfaithful actor of ramming his car and then threatening him with physical harm.

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  1. Anonymous

    Good for Halle it is about time actors do something about these guys….they are going to hurt some again just like Lady Di….only she had to die.

  2. Anonymous

    Agreed. It should be a law that the ‘razzi have to physically stay at least 15 feet away. They ‘re like vultures. They get right up in the faces of these people or block their car so they can’t leave, and then beeyatch if they get shoved or bumped. As for that incident 2 weeks ago, that guy’s lucky that he only got threatened with physical harm (if it even actually happened – I have my doubts). I don’t know if the guy’s aware of it, but Olivier Martinez is a former professional welter-weight boxer. He could have mopped the parking lot with that jerk if he’d wanted to.

  3. Fred

    Halle doesn’t play with the paps when they get too close to Nahla

  4. Tiffany

    u know what, as much I love seeing pics I whole heartedly understand her frustration….I mean, take 1 or 2 photos and then back off so this woman can just spend time with her daughter.

  5. Heart

    I don’t undestand, after Diana’s death and countless accidents that celebs have been into I don’t understand why there isn’t a law in place to protect celebs and their kids. Especially the kids! I think it’s terrible that they have to be hounded like that. They could at least enforce a law for them to stay away from the schools and the homes and a certain amount of feet away during every day travels.

    • anonymous

      Not sure why you are comparing this situation to Princess Di, Princess Di died in another country on another continent…. Laws that may have been created due to Princess Di tragedy would not be enforceable in USA….. Also, that was in cars and this situation was on foot.

      • Anonymous

        You are a idiot it is the same thing she was killed because of the need to get her picture and it does not matter if it was in the US or in England or Canada or the moon it is not right and it needs to stop before some child is killed and it will happen on day. And cars are used in every situation lol they follow them everywhere. So shut up and lets hope it never happens to you one day…then lets see what you have to say then.

  6. Anonymous

    I want to be a mother and have a little girl since I saw the first pictures of baby Nahla 2 years ago. I’m so obsessed with pregnancy and motherhood because of the beauty of this child! If I have a little girl, I will name her Nahla, I just love this name NAHLA!

  7. nicoleC

    Nahla is a beautiful little girl just like her mum

  8. Anonymous2

    If celebs don’t want to deal with the paparazzi then stop being a celebrity. They knew what they were getting into when they started acting.

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