Josh Turner & Wife Welcome Baby Boy Crawford Marion

Country music star Josh Turner and his wife Jennifer have welcomed their third son! The baby, named Crawford Marion, was born at 8:52 p.m. on Monday (December 13) in Nashville.

Marion, as the couple will be calling him, weighed in at 6 lbs., 15 oz. and measured 19 inches long.

The baby arrived early, as Jennifer wasn’t due until closer to Christmas. But that wasn’t a surprise to the pair for their sons, Colby Lynch, 18 months, and Hampton Otis, 4, also came before their due dates.

The Why Don’t We Just Dance singer tells People, “Jennifer and I are overjoyed at Marion’s arrival. He’s a strong, handsome little boy with a resilient spirit. Thanks to all of our family, friends and fans for their thoughts and prayers.”

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Marion for a boy?????????


He is from South Carolina and close to where I live. In our area Marion is actually a male name. I actually know many men named Marion and no women Still..babies names are the parents choice.


If they named him Crawford as a first name, why are they calling him Marion? Why just name him Marion Crawford instead of Crawford Marion? Makes no sense to me…


each to his own. and its really none of anyones business what they name their child. if they want to name him cowmumble, its still none of anyones business so whos to say whether we like it or not and what name he should go by, first or last or middle. i named my son what i wanted to name him and expect everyone to keep their opinions to theirself.


lara read my mind I was just going to say it was John Wayne’s real name most stars don’t use their real names anyway. for example the Zuernenko sisters will always be professionally Wood. I also love the name congrats to them on their baby


Edit: Oops didn’t see the part where they are calling him by his middle name. I always find that so pointless. When he is older, yes he can choose to go by his middle name, but as a little kid it’s going to be confusing.


if they want to call him marion why not name hime marion crawford???
lets see…i think ill name my son michael john smith, but im gonna call him smith michael john!


Odd. No one mentioned the fact that Riley is a boy name on the Stella McCartney birth post. Marion is a unisex named, but it is more used on girls. At least its his middle name and not his first.


I am female and my name is Marion and I feel insulted for it to be given to a boy.


ugh, come on, people, let’s not start this. Marion is a boy’s name too, it was John Wayne’s birth name for crying out loud.

what I’m surprised by is that they’re not going with the first name – I think it’s pretty charming.


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