Pink Foresees A Soccer Mom Future

Mom-to-be Pink felt a tug at her maternal heartstrings this week when she went to see a kids’ Christmas concert.

The ‘Raise Your Glass’ singer took to Twitter to write, “I just watched about 20 3 yr olds in their 1st holiday recital.My heart hurts it was so damn adorable.I’m gonna b a soccer mom aren’t I? sh*t.”

Pink, who is expecting her first child with her hubby Carey Hart, also dispelled a few rumors that are circulating.

“My mom just told me that ‘in touch’ has informed her that she is invited to my delivery, and that I want a water birth,” she writes. “She asked me if she needs to get a snorkel. This is all news to me. Amazing. Good reporting.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Madchen

    That baby needs a “My mom can beat up your mom” onesie!

  • melo1983

    Haha she’s so funny.

  • Anonymous

    She’s a spoiled brat who’s a bully and she’ll probably breed one too.

  • Anonymous

    how the hell is she a spoiled brat dumbass? She has worked for everything that she has.

    • Anonymous

      Think before you type, then again, you sound like her. She acts like a spoiled brat and has treated and sometimes continues to treat her parents horribly, like a child throwing a tantrum despite all they’ve done for her. She’s incredibly immature and thinks it’s cool to get into fights, even fist fights. She’s admitted to being a horrible, mean child and treating her parents unfairly, but continues to act that way even as an adult. She’s really mean, especially with her mother who is a pretty kind lady. Pink/Alicia loves to pick on people and she’s done it with other celebrities, songwriters, boyfriends, and a bunch of people she’s worked with or dealt with. There are plenty of stories of how she treats people. She has a chip on her shoulder and a complex. She should’ve gone to a therapist to resolve her anger issues before getting pregnant.

      • Anonymous

        You didn’t answer my question….how is she a spoiled brat? And how and when does she continue to treat her parents like crap? So what if she was a brat to her parents when she was 14 years old! Most 14 year old are brats! Obviously you don’t know ANYTHING about her.

        • Anonymous

          I did answer your question, you just don’t want to see it. I know a lot more about her than you know actually. You can excuse her behavior all you want. She is rude to her mother even now, but she’s like that to a lot of people including the father of her child, and people who have worked for her. She treats people like crap.

  • skyler

    Can’t wait to hear if she will have a girl or boy.

  • Summer

    Anonymous 12:35 am since you know so much about Pink you would know that Pink didn’t start to act up until after her parents got divorce and she blamed her mother mostly for her father leaving them and her family falling apart like most teens she acted out. She has admitted to still caring around all her hurt and anger until her song “Family Portrait” came out and they all got to sit down and really talk thing out, which was about 9 years ago. She did a lot of grownup since then you can see it in her song she writes and and the way she carries herself now, Pink is always going to be Pink now she just a more grownup version of her former self.

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