Bill & Giuliana Rancic Are Open To Adoption, Surrogacy

Through in vitro fertilization and a devastating miscarriage, Giuliana Rancic says that she is trying to stay positive about her journey to conceive.

“We’re still continuing with it [IVF]. We are kind of in the midst of the second round,” she tells HollyBaby. “We will see, but we are definitely hopeful and we think 2011 is our year.”

Though Giuliana and her husband, Apprentice winner Bill Rancic, hope to be able to conceive she shares that they are “definitely” open to pursuing other paths to parenthood.

“Were kind of looking at everything. Before we go down the road of surrogacy or adoption, which we are totally open to, we want to give having our own children naturally, a valiant effort. One thing is if the doctors tell us there is no use trying anymore, we’re definitely open to everything else.”

The E! News host, who recently revealed that she’s been receiving up to 63 IVF shots a month, explains how she manages to keep her spirits up.

“You know, what it really comes down to when I’m like so depressed about it I think to myself, wait a second take a step back, there is a lot worse. I’m healthy, my husband’s healthy, my parents are healthy and that’s all that matters at the end of the day,”

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  1. Helen

    It’s nice that she is sharing this with us. I hope 2011 is their year.

  2. Dillie

    Baby dust for you Giuliana!!!

  3. Michelle Gordon

    I wish them the best. I love watching their show. As a mommy of twin girls that are 2, the joy they bring to me and my husband is priceless. I hope it works out for them. I just wish they would slow down, when trying. I was on bed rest for 3 months and I can tell you, I was lucky to not be in the hospital the entire time,which is where the doctor wanted me, but he said he would let me give home a try. I did everything he said to a tee, because the bundles of joy I have now were the important. I think when doing the shots and through the pregancy G should be out of work. Good luck and may God be by your side!

  4. angel

    ivf is not an easy process to go through,i now have my daughter Vivienne thanks to ivf, best of luck! baby dust!

  5. Jeannie Vaughn

    Though our eyes cannot see you yet, our hearts still hold you near
    Because somewhere in our future we know you will be here.
    Right now the angels hold you close, keeping you safe from harm
    Until it’s time to bring you home and lay you in our arms.

  6. Anonymous

    Keep prayers and God close in this journey. Search your heart and pray for all the right reasons to wanting a baby. We had one success story with IVF and one failure. We saw God’s loving hands working for us during our IVF journey more that any other time. Most importantly, after the embrio transplant, and the first 3 months…. you need to really take it easy and be kind to yourself. It’s life after all growing inside you and you’ll enjoy every moment of it. Do try to conceive naturally or aided, as having life growing inside you is sooooo wonderful.

  7. anonymous

    if i had the money I would do whatever it takes to have a child whether it be surrogacy or donor eggs whatever. Sometimes you have to do these things do you know how many women in Hollywood use donor eggs and don’t say a word to anyone. Believe me their are to many babies being born from women over 40 in Hollywood and people think it’s normal well they have the money so they can do things like that (good for them) as us mere mortals we have to use our entire savings to do that. They make people like us feel like crap because we can’t get pregant go figure. It cost 27,000 dollars for donor eggs and who knows how much more for surrgancy. So guilanna if you want a baby that bad then spend the money you and Bill have it so it shouldn’t be a problem. Unlike myself I have to pray to God to help me and pay for all my prodecures until my health insurance cuts me off , so if I had the money I would have my twins by now.
    good luck

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