Jennifer Lopez’s Calabasas Cuties

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s 2 1/2-year-old twins Max and Emme were seen heading to The Little Gym with their nannies in Calabasas, Calif. on Saturday (December 18).

Earlier this month, we saw the twins and their nanny visiting J.Lo on the American Idol set in Pasadena.

J.Lo recently said she signed up for American Idol to be like “a normal family.”

I want to get the babies in dance classes and soccer practices.”

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Anonymous

    poor kids…their mama is selfish enough to choose fame over them. These kids see more of their nannies than their parents.

  • Anonymous

    love Emme what a cutie 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Not necessarily. Jlo didn’t choose fame over her kids anymore more than the next working actress/singer such as, Reese W, Gwyneth P, Angelina J. Marcia Cross, or Madonna. She’s just a working celeb mother and we don’t know how or when she spends time with them. It could be certain times like the evening just like a regular working parent, so people need to get over themselves!!!!

    • Anonymous

      uh, J.Lo’s in mexico to be with Mr. Skeletal…I know there are celeb parents out there but for the likes of Jen & Ben, they take turns working so 1 can stay with the kids while 1 is away…in this case, both parents are away leaving the kids with their nannies

  • Anonymous

    Jlo was in Mexico to see Marc sing.Of course going to the concert rather than staying with her kids was more important.Come on jlo say the truth!You took AI for the money because it obviously was’t for your kids.

  • Courtney

    don’t be so negative sometimes nannies are needed particularly when there’s other young children don’t forget Marc’s two boys from his previous marriage. Jlo may some day admit to feeling guilty about using nannies to help raise her children like some old time hollywood stars have of course most of the ones I’m thinking of admitted it when their kids were way passed adulthood. for example Joanne Woodward admitted it in a January 1991 interview promoting her movie Mr & Mrs Bridge and at the time her bio daughters were 31 29 & 26 and of course her stepdaughters were 38 and 37 respectively.

  • Anonymous

    Emme looks like Jennifer a lot. What a cutie.

    Love their lil outfits 😀

    • Anonymous

      Fame is more important to JLO than those children and it always has been.
      She claims she took on the AI judge so she could be with them, but it was announced that she’s taking on other projects: Gobal spokesperson for L’Oreal, a Khol’s clothing and accessories line with her husband, working on her album that’s coming out, and she’s always at Marc’s concerts so she can sing on his stage. The album and spokesperson for L’Oreal in itself will involve a lot of traveling, performances photoshoots, etc. and of course it will take her away from her children even more. She’s already a multimillionaire so she has the option to say no and be there for them, but it seems JLO is not turning down any offers that will garner her more money, fame and attention.

      That is sad.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, no comment.

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