Tiffani Thiessen Celebrates Harper’s First Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Thiessen-Smiths! New mom Tiffani Thiessen shared the latest adorable picture of her 6-month-old daughter Harper Renn on Facebook. Posing with Santa Claus and hubby Brady Smith, the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum stated,

Harper’s 1st Christmas….my husband’s 38th. Who’s more excited?”

Earlier this month, Tiffani posted this sweet pic of her gorgeous girl. Such a proud new mama!

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Photo credit: Facebook

  • skyler

    Harper is adorable.

  • LeeLee

    That’s a cute pic!! Love Tiffani’s hat. Tiffani and Brady should have changed places though. I would have liked to see her and the baby in front and hubby in back. JMO.

    • Anonymous

      Why? That is much better like that. It’s funny and original. Not another boring picture

      • LeeLee

        You want to know why it’s my opinion? It was her preference to have her husband sit on Santa’s lap instead of her and the baby. If it were me and I would have been able to get my husband to sit on Santa’s lap (Brady is a better sport than my husband lol), I would have had him hold the baby. Again just my opinion. Like I originally said, it’s still a cute pic.

  • Anonymous

    Harper is adorable!

    And LOL at Brady sitting on Santa’s lap.

  • lynn

    Just wanted to say Harper is precious. She looks like Tiffani. Merry 1st Christmas to the Thiessen/Smith family.

  • Renee

    such a cute picture! Harper is gorgeous just like her mommy. love the classic baby look of why are my parents so excited about some strange guy in a red suit? lol Merry Christmas to the new family. 🙂

  • Hannah.J

    That poor Santa his legs must be hurting.

  • Anonymous

    She looks nothing like her mother – she looks like her father.

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