Are Lisa Rinna & Harry Hamlin Trying For Another Baby?

Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin are reportedly trying for another baby. The couple, who star in their reality show Harry Loves Lisa, want to give a sibling to their daughters, Delilah, 12, and Amelia, 9.

A friend of the family tells, “The timing is just perfect now and the girls are at a great age. How much fun would it be to watch these two as they prepare for another child?”

Sources also say Lisa, 47, and Harry, 59, are happy to let cameras follow her pregnancy if it were to happen and that the pair are not doing it for their reality show.

When asked if the rumor was true, Lisa just said, “In the mean time all I can say is trying is the fun part. Wink.”

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  • Ella

    I know it’s their life but imagine being a 12 year old and your mum’s nearly 60?? Also, I don’t think the risks on a 40+ pregnancy are worth it especially when you already have 2 beautiful daughters!

  • Jules

    The timing isn’t prefect if she is 47 and he is 59.

  • Grace

    Is a surrogate going to carry the child? She’s 47, if they wanted to add a third child to their family, shouldn’t they have tried about 7 or 8 years ago.

  • Anonymous

    Same question goes for vivica fox who claimes she is very fertile at 47. Why women wait till their forties to have babies is beyond me…don’t cry a river when careers and other monetary goals took priority and now your eggs are too old to catch a sperm. I don’t feel bad for them at all. Especially does that never tried once in their lives to produce one before that clock ticks so damn loud that it’s so obvious as to how desperate they become.

    If career and money is more important then procreating then stick to what you know. Not when your bored with life and you realizes your eggs are dried dust….

    • Victoria

      Well I for one don’t feel sorry for stupid women who have five children before the age of 25, and have no career or job in place to provide for them, and are not emotionally stable to meet their own kids emotional needs. People have children because they want to bring someone into the world to love and I’m sure if Lisa Rinna had a child that would be the reason, not because she was bored with her life.

  • Courtney

    that’s not necessarily true plenty of women over 40 have had safe healthy pregnancies and babies. Geena Davis had her twin boys at 48 in 2004 and neither of them have any problems and women in their twenties can also have children or are developmentally/physically dissabled though it’s more likely in older moms. are you saying if she does conceive she should abort like Ava Gardner did twice in 1951 because she thought it wouldn’t be healthy to raise a child in a tempestuous home. correct both of those children were conceived with her then husband Frank Sinatra and she aborted one of them before she even told him they had conceived a child

    • Victoria

      Exactly Courtney

  • Zara

    Who is she trying to kid? When Lisa Rinna announces in three months’ time that she’s ‘blessed’ to have found herself pregnant with twins, we will know that it’s because she’s used an egg donor and IVF, not because she and her husband have been having lots of sex!

  • Beeno

    This is all about ratings! Pregnant actressess get tons of attention these days. As much as I love Harry and Lisa, it’s obvious that they’re publicity hounds. Theirs not much acting work out there for either of them, so they’ve gotta do what it takes to keep us interested in their reality show. But whatever they do, I wish them the very best. They seem to be a match made in heaven.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty much every woman over the age of 45 used DONOR EGGS! Do you think celebrities have better eggs than the rest of the general population? Check statistics. It’s EXTREMELY RARE to have kids with your own eggs at this age.

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