Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes & Suri: The Nutcracker In New York

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and their 4-year-old daughter Suri were photographed at New York City Ballet’s classic holiday production of The Nutcracker at the David H. Koch Theater in New York City on Friday (December 17). After the performance, the high profile family went backstage to meet the dancers. Suri wore pink Uggs and a lavender silk dress and enjoyed a full supply of gummy bears from the concession stand.

We spotted the Holmes-Cruises heading back to their apartment in the Big Apple after the performance. Suri must have forgotten her jacket again!

Last week, Katie and Suri were seen in Vancouver enjoying a Christmas train ride through scenic Stanley Park. The Homes-Cruises were in Canada as Tom worked on his latest big screen adventure, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

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  1. Angelina

    I think that little girl is sick of having her photo taken…

  2. Anonymous

    Always photographed with junk food

  3. JMO

    Suri looks more interested in her Gummy Bears!!

  4. Anonymous

    Yeah – she looks *thrilled* to be there….

  5. Anonymous

    Katie looks like she hasn’t showered since she left Vancouver!

  6. Anonymous

    Most 4 year old little girls would be thrilled to be there but Suri looks so unimpressed !!!
    Katie does not look good at all and Tom looks just plain creepy!
    Yikes!!! This family is weird!!!!

  7. Country girl

    Katie looks like she’s forcing herself to be happy. Suri just looks miserable and unhappy.

  8. girlfriend

    Why are her legs ALWAYS bare? Its freezing out right now! Even in the ballet class pictures she doesn’t wear tights. People says she is fashionable but she looks like a mess to me. They never do anything with her hair.

  9. Anonymous

    They look so unhappy, especially Suri. What else is new???

  10. Anonymous

    Suri looks like my kids look at the dentist (minus the junk food). If my daughter was at a ballet you would see the biggest smile in the UNIVERSE. How jaded must that poor 4 yr old be?

  11. okiegal

    Does anyone else think it odd, that in the pictures of Tom & his wife, and Nicole & husband with their little daughters that their two older adopted children are nowhere to be seen? Where are these poor kids????

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