Elisabeth Röhm: Allow Your Kids To Be Your Teachers

Law & Order star Elisabeth Röhm loves learning from her daughter. Proud mom to 2-year-old Easton, Elisabeth opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her inquisitive toddler, the joys of motherhood and her upcoming feature films. The busy mom-of-one even shares one of her favorite holiday recipes. Read on…

CBS: Tell us about your 2 year old daughter Easton. What is she into?

ER: “It’s so fun watching her develop language and nothing is cuter than when she gets it wrong! We play hide and seek all the time and she says, “Here me am!” I want to laugh, but you can’t, so I say, “No honey, here I am!” It’s just adorable. I came from a very female-centric family, so forming bonds with other women is very easy and rewarding for me. It’s fun to raise another woman in the world; a friend and ally. I get so much pleasure from the females in my family.”

CBS: How has motherhood changed you? Biggest Rewards? Biggest Challenges?

ER: “It has made me a thousand times more effective in my life. I no longer spin my wheels with things that are unimportant. She’s making me a better person. Having Easton gave me a purpose and that purpose gave me focus and I just don’t waste time with pettiness. I don’t go to parties as much anymore; I have to make my time count. When she’s done with school for the day, I want to be finished with work so I can spend time with her. She is what’s important.”

CBS: What’s your best advice to new moms?

ER: “When I was pregnant with Easton, I got a piece of advice that really stuck with me: Focus on being happy! But what does that mean?! I love to sing really loud in the car and I remember asking my doctor if that was OK! So, what I mean is, be who you are and don’t stress.

We as mothers have to be happy because that is what our children want from us – security and happiness. Ultimately, allow your kids to be your teachers and an inspiration to be happy. Parenting is not just a responsibility, it’s a journey. Let go, be present, learn through them and apply that knowledge to yourself.

I love being a student and a parent and Easton challenges me to be a better version of myself. I had a great mother – she continually showed up and tried hard and I could feel that as a child. It gave me trust in myself and in human beings in general. I want to live my best life and be the best person I can be. And with that, I can feel satisfied with what I did. With children, you have to teach by example.”

CBS: How do you manage to escape the paparazzi so well when you’re out with Easton?

ER: “Well, I think personally, in regards to the paparazzi, that people either ask for the attention or don’t ask for it. Look at Matt Damon and what a huge star he is. It’s so rare to see him photographed. It’s not like the paparazzi is unavoidable. If you’re a huge star like Kate Winslet or Tom Hanks it becomes more difficult and I do believe that some stars are harassed and I feel compassion for that. But, there are those stars that have their publicists tip them off. So in that sense, they are the ones that ask for it. I do believe for the most part, the musician or actor can set the tone.”

CBS: Are you hoping to add to your family one day?

ER: “Absolutely! I came from a very close, female-centric family and I want to keep that going!”

CBS: Tell us about being ‘spokesmom’ for JUNO BABY.

ER: “My relationship with JUNO BABY organically happened. Easton and I are BIG fans of the JUNO Company and she grew up with it! Like we did with Sesame Street as kids, and I credit JUNO for Easton finding her voice. It’s all learning through music.”

CBS: We hear you are starring in 3 feature films pending release. Tell us about them.

ER: “Transit produced by Joe Silver is an action movie and it’s classic Joe Silver. I absolutely LOVE doing action movies. It’s a huge challenge and I love it! The second is Abduction and it’s a John Singleton film. I’ve always wanted to work with him and Sigourney Weaver. It was just amazing. The third film is called Chlorine and it’s an indy film with Kyra Sedgwick and Vincent D’Onofrio. It was shot in New Jersey, so going home was wonderful. It’s a movie about life in suburbia that raises questions about marriage, happiness and the lifestyle there.”

CBS: How are you celebrating the holidays? Any special traditions?

ER: “For me, I travel so much during the year, that Christmas is really about being home and being with family and friends. I’m really looking forward to eating some tenderloin and roast potatoes!

Oh, I have a great recipe too…

Boil red potatoes until they are almost done and then put them on a cookie sheet. Take a spatula and smash them down (they should still have their round shape). Drizzle olive oil on them and season with salt and pepper. Finish them in a 450 degree oven for about 15 minutes until the edges are crunchy. They are so good!”

CBS: If you are working with any charities or with any other projects, please feel free to discuss.

ER: “I work with the Red Cross and Global Green, but I really want to start do more with local organizations in need too. In 2011, Easton and I will be working with homeless mothers and their children and with local shelters and transitional housing. I really want that to be my focus for Easton and I this year.”

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