Giuliana Rancic Rushed To The ER After An IVF Procedure

Viewers of Giuliana and Bill on the Style network have been riveted by the tale of the couples’ struggle with infertility. On last night’s episode, Giuliana Rancic was shown being rushed to the emergency room after an IVF procedure gone wrong.

Bill tells US he “had never seen her in that much pain” and describes Giuliana as suffering through “blood curdling screams, just plain agony.” Giuliana was rushed to a local hospital in Chicago where she was diagnosed with internal bleeding.

The couple have been very open about their struggles to have a baby, suffering through a miscarriage and Giuliana admits to receiving up to 63 IVF shots a month. They have said they are open to adopting or using a surrogate in order to achieve their dream to become parents.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • ejsmum

    She really needs to give her body a rest.

    • Gynocologist

      I cannot understand why Giuliana wear those extremely high heels when she was pregnant the first time, even when she was trying to conceive. Please, can somebody help her by forcing her not to wear those high heel shoes and boots, because that is a no go when you want to have a healthy pregnancy.

  • Anonymous

    I really hope that this time next year they have good news 🙂

  • Anonymous

    i understand that she wants to have a biological baby but why put yourself in such situations when there are some many children that need a home!

    • Anonymous

      Because it’s not really about being parents. It’s about creating “riveting” TV and getting magazine covers. Drama and tragedy (even manufactured) always, ALWAYS sell better than happy endings. So there ya go.

      • Beeno

        PREACH! You are sooooo right about these two! I wouldn’t be suprised if they’re exagerating some or all of this for attention,ratings and $$$$! An Anon said, it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if Guiliana simply got pregnant and then delivered a baby. They’ve just got to let the entire world know every little detail about their private fertility matters. I do hope that she gets pregnant though. But I know I’ll be even sicker of these two once that happens. They’re not the types to keep their family life private, and allow their child to grow up as normanly as possible.

        • Anonymous

          I have never seen their show. I didn’t even know they had one until today. I have only seen them on this blog, which I read daily (during pregnancy) as a fluff break. I have been amazed how low they go for attention. I firmly believe in a concept close to karma, and they should watch out for the boomerang. Sometimes I wonder what the world is coming to!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t stop trying, take a break for a bit and then reconsider trying some more transfers, look into other options, but don’t give up hope of having a baby yourself, you are tough! remember it takes work to get what you want. stay positive.

  • Courtney

    exactly she should never give up hope of eventually having a beautiful child of her own

    • Grace

      Actually, there is a point when a person should give up hope of having a biological child (which is what I assume you were referring to with the insensitive remark “a child of her own”) and move on to trying to find another method of having a child. And it’s up to each person to decide if/when they have reached that point. There’s nothing wrong with giving up on that and exploring other options.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe she was just hungry.

  • Theresa

    well said grace…i agree wholeheartedly with your comment!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it’s for any of us to say what they should or shouldn’t do. We should just wish them well! So I wish them all the luck in the world!!

  • Ondine

    So many women go through so much to bear children. Lucky for them the Rancics have the financial resources to take them to the end of their pursuit for parenthood. I’m sure they will someday have a child to call their own. Families are now formed in many different ways and it is just a matter of them finding a solution that suits their family best. I wish them every happiness.

  • Odelette

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  • Anonymous

    “So many women go through so much to bear children.”

    But G is not one of them. Her doctor told her to gain a few pounds and she did not want to do that and when she did she complained and then lost the weight right away because she didnt get pregnant that minute. There are women who would gain 40 pounds and eat dirt to get pregnant if their doctors told them to, because that’s how desperate they want a baby. Giuliana is not desperate for a baby, only for ratings.
    G needs to be upfront. I would have more respect for her if she just came out and said, “I do not want kids right now or never, I love my job and the perks and I am very happy being childless and ask me again in 5 years.” That’s better than her ‘pretending’ to want to have a baby. I do not see Bill being dragged along for another few years without kids. She is not honest with Bill and he will leave her and find a woman who really wants kids.

  • Anonymous

    This may sound harsh but as an NICU nurse I see many unhappy endings of people who try anything and everything to have a biological baby. At some point in your life (and just some women in general) a pregnancy is not in the cards and you body gives you signs, take the hint Guliana and Bill! You said that you are open to adoption and you are open to surrogacy, you have plenty of money and resources at your fingertips, try using them and open your home to a child that needs you. 63 IVF shots and trips to the hospital emergency room are exteme to say the least, if it is meant to happen for you it will, but in the meantime you could be raising a family if you just went about things a little bit differently.

    For people whose bodies are not meant to carry children even if they do get pregnant it most often results in numerous complications and early deliveries, I care for these precious early deliveries everyday and watch not only the babies, but their parents suffers through their long struggle in the neonatal intensive care unit, sometimes with devestating outcomes, and even those babies who do go home to their families there are often lasting problems that these children are faced to deal with for their whole lives.

    I have not commented on this couple before but after seeing story after story of these two and the antics that they are resorting to to have a child I felt that I needed to say something. Perhaps somebody might take away something from this comment. I know that many people have the dream of holding their “own” baby in their arms, as women it is something that we are often told be are supposed to be able to do — but trust me regardless of how a baby comes into your life, the love you will have for your child with be life altering.

    • Lioness

      Well said, Anonymous, and I really appreciate your comment. I don’t think it’s my place to comment on what Giuliana should do, and I don’t agree with many commenters on here that she’s going through all this just for ratings (I mean, internal bleeding and trips to the ER? C’mon people…), but I do feel that the universe gives signs all the time about our paths in life, and in Giuliana’s case, her body is doing the talking. I don’t think it’s wise for her to force the pregnancy issue when her body is taking such a beating. Many times, when we want something badly enough, we often get in our own way. We pursue our goals through one opening with blind focus, and miss other doors to the same goals- as you said, she could be raising a family right now if she explored other options. I really do wish them the best- whatever’s going on, it’s gotta be difficult.

    • Anonymous

      I hear what you are saying…. Though the bigger picture is that there are a lot of people who go through many more than 2 IVF cycles and have perfectly healthy babies and pregancies. Actually most of the people that I know that have gone through IVF including myself, have gone through 4 to 5 cycles. All our babies are healthy. Yes, it is painfully but not anymore painfully then actually giving birth. 63 shots a month is little more than 2 per day. I am not downgrading what they are going through. I am just saying that when you are diagnosed with infertility you accept that your journey is going to be more difficult than the everyone else’s. Though, I didn’t have internally bleeding like Giuliana. It is more the emotional rollercoaster that is difficult.

      I have not watched the show so I’m not sure what her Dr. has said about her ability to carry a child.

      I don’t know why people think that adopting is a faster and less emotional way to have a family. Because it is not… Though, with their resources they may not have to go through as long a waiting period. I have friends who have waited years to adopt and then finally get a baby only to have it taken away at 6 months by the biological mother. That’s rough.

      Difficulties with having a baby is not easy no matter what path you decide on. Though, one may be open to other options, you mentally have to be ready to move to the next step.

      So, I say don’t give up on your dreams to have a child, Bill and Guliana!!!! The beauty of living in this country is that we have options. Half the battle for patients with infertility is just getting pregnant. She has already done that. She just has to give her body some rest and regroup and then decide on the next step.

      Good Luck to you!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Medical Fact is when you are too thin your eggs stop producing. Bodies way of ensuring now babies when times are tough. She needs to put on weight and keep it on for at least 1 year. Maybe this link will help her …

  • BETH

    When I watch this show I get the feeling that Guilianna has not idea what real parenting is about. I have seen her push her niece into the modeling world because that was her dream, I have watched her almost drop a baby and she was more worried about her weave than the baby. Children are not like a Pamella Roland couture dress that can be shown on the red carpet and then stashed away for later. It is surprising as her parents seem very down to earth. Bill on the other hand seems very down to earth and realistic about raising children. Although both of these people will have to cut back on the jetsetting lifestyle unless they hire a 4 full time nannies like Camille Grammer. Message for Guiliana is grow up, put some weight on and step out of the light for a little bit.

  • Heather

    I love how people that already have children or haven’t even tried to conceive love to give their “advice” to people battling fertility. Guess what? That is what we have medical doctors for. I don’t know enough about the couple to know what their motives are for using reproductive technologies, but 2 rounds of IVF isn’t exactly a shocking amount. Many people have to do IVF 2, 3, 4 times. And that doesn’t make them stupid or selfish.

    I hope some of you previous posters read Anon Dec. 23rd’s (@ 1:58) comments thoroughly. Never ask someone why they don’t “just adopt.” There is no “just” in the adoption process. Having seen two friends lose their children because of birth mothers changing their minds was enough for me to know that I was not cut out for the process.

    While I know these two people don’t read this message board, when talking to people in “real life,” please THINK before you make hurtful and disrespectful comments when you have NO idea about their situations. Unless you have experienced infertility or you are a gynecologist, obstetrician, a reproductive endocrinologist, or another medical professional that actually works with people going through the experience, your opinion and advice is not necessary. Just be supportive!

  • Anonymous

    Here, here! I am so tired of reading comments from people who have not lived through such a personal, difficult experience as infertility. It is said that a woman going through infertility is going through as much emotional stress and hardships as someone who was diagnosed with cancer. Would you tell someone with cancer to just get over it and stop worrying so much? Stop taking infertility so lightly and suggesting that people accept it as a sign or just adopt because there are other kids out there. Please try and understand that the yearning for a child of your own to love is not something that should be randomly commented on by those who have no personal experience. And if you can’t understand it, then just respect it.

  • Anonymous
    just read this and would so love to see this happen for the lovely couple
    good luck to them

  • Magic

    I wish them to get pregnant and successfully deliver this coming 2011 with all my heart!

  • Anonymous

    Unless you’ve been through the this you’ll never know what it’s like. I’ve been through IVF and got very sick and after two transfers I decided I could not go through another round. It took my body to recover at least two years and eventhough this happened over 5 years ago I still haven’t accepted the fact that I will never have children. I’m too old now to even try but the longing is still there and seeing my friends with their children is too much to bear at times. Adoption is a difficult and long process and it’s not for everyone. Giuliana and Bill I wish you all the best.

  • Anonymous

    Clearly many posters on here have never had to ‘try’ to get pregnant otherwise they wouldn’t be saying what they have. I respect this couple for being so open about such a difficult subject. So what if they get ratings for it…have you ever considered that they get the ratings because of what they’re going through and the fact that people out there can relate? If adoption was easy then lots more people would have done so believe me. If those of us suffering from infertility could ‘just’ adoption like clicking our fingers it would be done. No one wants to see children without loving families but reality is it takes years, money and heartache that we just can’t take any more of. In NZ less than 100 babies are adopted a year – there a whole heck lot more people wanting to adopt.
    It is also fair to say that if someone is yet to experience infertility then they don’t know what its like and that’s ok because those of us who have wouldn’t wish it on our worst enemy.

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