Jenny McCarthy Considers “Having Another Baby”

Jenny McCarthy is open to giving her 8-year-old son Evan a sibling one day. She’s currently single after having a five-year relationship with Jim Carrey and a four-month romance with model Jason Toohey.

She tells Extra, “Evan’s so funny, he’s the love of my life. I live for making his life the best it can be. I feel like the potential of maybe getting married and maybe having another baby on my own is out there. Even though the clock’s ticking, well not really.”

The 38-year-old actress and writer knows what she wants in a future mate.

She revealed, “I’m definitely what I call on the market. And wanting to attract somebody who is the best reflection of who I am now. I feel much more grown up, I feel much more grounded.

“I like tall men with dark hair, employed would be a good one. Someone who makes me laugh, someone who can communicate, someone who is open and has a big heart, who loves their family, loves their mom. That’s really important to me.”

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God forbid if jenny has another baby and this baby is special need I wonder if she going cure the baby. Like she cures Evan autism.


That is so rude. She is a mother. Of course she is going to try everything in her power to help her child. Give the poor woman a break. She did a great job. If she didn’t do anything at all, then comments should be made.


that’s odd I swear in a recent interview she said she didn’t want anymore kids. Maybe I’m mistaken.


She said a long time ago she didn’t want anymore kids. I guess she changed her mind.


Hope she remembers that there is a genetic component to autism, its not ALL environmental.


Good Luck! Evan is beautiful. She should give him a brother or sister! 🙂

If Jenny McCarthy wants more kids, she should have them. As many as she can afford to take care of. None of you have to raise them….so save the negative comments for someone who cares….which is no one. Evan is a beautiful child. 😀 My sister’s oldest son was diagnosed with mild autism and she went on to have my nephew then niece who are not autistic and even if they were, we would love them all the same. And no one else is raising them except their parents, friends and family. So chill with the negative comments.