Julianna Margulies On Raising Son Kieran: Everything In Moderation

In the hit series The Good Wife, Julianna Margulies plays Alicia Florrick, a lawyer who spends her days upholding the law in a courtroom and laying down the law for her philandering politician husband, played by Chris Noth. But in real life the actress is much more willing to bend the rules, especially when it comes to son Kieran, 2.

“Everything in moderation, I believe,’ Julianna says. ‘I let my son watch TV on weekends, but as a child we weren’t allowed to watch TV; we didn’t even have a TV.”

The former ER star says her own parents were “intellectual hippies” who raised her and her sisters only on organic food, but she’s less stringent with her own son. “I’m not into any food movement as I feel I had enough of that growing up,” she says. “But I am absolutely into eating well and healthily and cleanly. I want my son to grow up healthy, but I think a little bit of everything is OK. If you don’t have a little sugar now and again, you’re just going to crave it.”

Julianna admits she was too hard on herself when she was younger. “I wish that I had allowed myself to play a little more, and not be so serious,” she says. “I wish I had known in my 20s that I was going to meet the right man and have a child, and that I didn’t always have to worry about it and always be the good girl.”

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  • Mig

    At the risk of sounding too nerdy, I absolutely hate the quote “everything in moderation.” I “get” the principle, but the quote is pretty self refuting (do we adhere to the quote in moderation?). Everything in moderation? Okay, so lying, smoking cigarettes, running around in the middle of traffic, stealing, going to school naked….all good as long as done in moderation? How about adding cyanide, dog poo, or arsenic to our food? Ok, as long as done in moderation? Hate the quote, haha 🙂

  • Nova

    To CBS: Kieran is from Jan. 08 which makes him almost 3.

  • Anonymous

    Mig, that was senseless. You know what she means.

    • Mig

      Yes, I did state that I understood the principle. I was merely expressing why I don’t like that quote. Lots of people use that as a guiding principle, and I think it’s foolish to do so…as demonstrated by my silly examples (reductio ad absurdum). No, you shouldn’t do everything in moderation. You should be wholeheartedly kind, decent, honest, trustworthy, not just moderately so, for example.

      BTW, I wasn’t speaking to Juliana’s situation at all. I was talking about the quote, and why I hate it. I’m sure she doesn’t think those silly examples would all be fine. I was trying to illustrate the weakness of the ‘philosophy,’ not of her.

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