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@CLMazza Gia’s first trip to Cabo!

@moonfrye Nothing like tweeting in the wee hours. Can’t decide coffee to start the day or back to bed?

@dinamanzo Got the cutest gift for Audriana & baby Olivia today for Christmas. I miss having a little girl…time to start dressing Gracie in feathers

@tristasutter Fave part of day =finally getting ornaments put on our bare Christmas tree…with a little help from 1 of the prettiest little elf’s around!

@debimazar I wanna say THANKYoU!to all Gay ‘uncles’.without u,I could not shop or cook without you!I will feed u&reward your efforts!u make my kids:)

@NatalieGrant Wow. Already so many birthday greetings & wishes. I’m so grateful. Thx 4 the love 🙂 I’m currently holding my best birthday present: SADIE!

@Busyphilipps25 There’s something about those Beatles billboards for Apple that make me really sad. Like really sad.

@Bethenny Well kids,last day of to the rink.has been so challenging.maybe I’ll be able to win this thing and make you proud!still fighting

@michellebranch Missed the lunar eclipse because of all the rain clouds 🙁

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Photo credit: Courtney Mazza's Twitter

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. Mario Lopez, again? Every time I turn around, he’s pimping out that kid and staging photo ops to keep himself relevant. And why oh why is that child at the beach? Babies that young aren’t supposed to wear sunscreen yet, right? So why isn’t she under an umbrella or wearing more clothes? Poor thing…

  • skyler

    Mario is a camera hog. he loves being the center of attention.

  • skyler

    By the way is Gia wearing a bikini? Disturbing to put a 3 months old in a bikini.

  • Anonymous

    Both of you who left those comments are so disgusting you make me want to puke!!

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