Wendy Williams Wants Son Kevin To Marry A Girl Like Mom

Wendy Williams‘ son Kevin Hunter Jr., 11, is way too young to be thinking about marriage, but mom already knows what kind of girl he should look for: someone like dear old mom. “I want him to marry a smart girl like his mother,” Wendy laughs.

But Wendy is serious when she talks about the person she’d like her son to be. “I just want him to be a decent human being,” the talk show host says. “It’s tough enough these days with kids, and all that’s going on in cyberspace, but parents have a responsibility to impart certain goals to our children and send them out into the world and hope that they do well.”

So what is the biggest challenge she faces juggling motherhood and her busy career? “Being there for school events sometimes,” Wendy admits. “I must say it has become much easier now, because Kevin’s been going to the same school for the past five years. When I was on the radio, I was able to be there for him all morning. I could do lunch duty at his school from 11:15 to 12:15 and still make it in to my shift on time. The dynamics of my career and my personal life were different.

“Now, I’m not able to be there quite has much, but I’ve stepped up talking to his teachers on the phone. If he has something going on in the evening we can certainly be there, but I can’t be there that often during the day. I can’t stand on the playground and watch out for him. I can certainly do a drive-by during the day.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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