Happy 18th Birthday Isabella Cruise!

Name: Isabella Jane Cruise

Date of Birth: December 22, 1992

Parents: Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman

Siblings: Connor Anthony (01/17/95), Suri (04/18/06) & Sunday Rose (07/07/08)


  • Isabella and her brother Connor were adopted in the 90s by Tom and Nicole
  • She and Connor live with their father in Los Angeles

“My adopted children are my own children. There is no separation in that for me whatsoever. There’s no way there is any difference and anyone who has adopted would say the same. I’ve been up in the middle of the night changing diapers, there’s no question in terms of me being the father, that bond couldn’t be any stronger.” – Tom, on his love for his children.

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Photo credit: Fame

  • bebe

    couldn’t you find a better photo of Isabella?!

    Happy Birthday Bella! Can’t believe she’s 18 already.

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Isabella.
    I don’t think Isabella likes it when she’s papped; not to many good shots of her around.

  • Anonymous

    I think she’s beautiful and shy. She probably hasn’t found herself yet, but I bet when she’s a little older she’s going to be a powerhouse.

  • Anonymous

    Isabella is a beautiful young woman! Happy Birthday Isabella!

  • Anonymous

    Forget Suri! Isabella is awesome!

  • XYZ

    Lose some weight or u dont have self respect at all?

    • A p r i l

      Did you really just post that? What is the matter with you? She is a young woman, and you have no right to be vulgar towards her. Self respect? What does that have to do with her at all?
      Unless you have a better way of phrasing that, then I suggest you go find a dictionary and get up to date. U, is in fact, a letter. Are you so lazy that you aren’t even able to move your fingers to type the word ‘you’?
      Don’t you finf that kindof ironic? I sure do. Also, before you make fun of her weight, keep yourself in check. Sure, you /might/ be nice and skinny, fat, or in between but that will never give you the right to insult another person.
      Have a nice day. (:

  • Anonymous

    Im not sure why people say they always get a bad shot of her,I think shes quite a pretty girl.
    XYZ- you are obviously the one with self image problems if you go around picking on someone who doesnt deserve it. learn respect and kindness seriously

  • v colorado

    Happy Birthday Isabella, I would love to see your art. I looked online, please make it easier to find.

    GOD Bless you
    Cute pic of you with your sister Suri, she looks so happy holding your hand

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