Mariah Carey Is “Thankful” For Pregnancy Support

Mariah Carey is thankful that the news about her having twins has been so positive. Last week her husband Nick Cannon confirmed on the radio that they were expecting two babies. Since then, the singer has been feeling the warmth from the general public.

She said, “Obviously I’m very thankful for this moment. Since Nick and I made our announcement, people have been very congratulatory. We didn’t really want to talk about this yet, but I’m in the public eye and really didn’t have a choice.

“So I’m just thankful I can go through this time and feel a lot of warmth. It’s restored my faith in people a bit.”

The couple had delayed telling people about the pregnancy due to a miscarriage Carey suffered two years ago.

Cannon said on his radio show, “Everything is A-OK, both babies are healthy, in tip-top shape. The doctors are extremely happy. We are extremely happy.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Courtney

    they totally had a right to want to keep it private because of what happened before. but they released with her being the Icon she is it would’ve gotten out either way meaning someone would’ve leaked it to the tabloids as happens with so many things in a celebs life.

    at least her and the twins are all healthy and that’s all that really matters. and we all know those precious babies will be beautiful

  • Anonymous

    They keep playing with the press, giving hints, sparking interest, playing coy-it’s all a game to get more publicity, she’s no victim of the press, she’s a willing player. Every other day they release some information, if they actually kept their mouths shut, they wouldn’t get anywhere near as much publicity, but of course, the lack of attention would hurt her ego so instead she keeps talking, along with her sidekick.

  • Summer

    Anonymous 8:06 You are so right they love the press their getting like when Nick made a statement saying that something like they were expecting and the when the press jump at it he make another statement saying that it’s their dog that expecting puppies that is pregnant why drop hint if you what privacy.

  • Anonymous

    i think this is great i cant wit till they come and i bet they cant either announcing it was a plus the truth shall set u free and now they wont have to feel as if there hiding anything.

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