Ben Affleck Smiles With His Sweetie

Valentine’s Day actress Jennifer Garner took her two daughters – Violet, 5, and Seraphina, 23 months – to Brentwood Country Mart with her MIL, Chris Affleck, before returning home in Los Angeles on Wednesday (December 22).

Papa Ben Affleck was seen in great spirits as he stepped out with Violet later that same day.

Are the Garflecks all ready for the holidays? Ben recently admitted that his gift-giving skills could use a little help. “Basically, my wife is very in-depth with all this stuff, really sharp, very thoughtful, very thorough,” Ben said of Jennifer. “And so for me, I get kind of panicked, I put things off and I just don’t know what to get so just buying her a present — I put more work into that than she does into buying fifteen!”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • tessa

    Ben rarely holds interact with seraphina. There are only a couple of pictures of Ben and seraphina. Every family outing Ben always hold violet or walk with her. Kind of odd he has two daughters but Ben spend most of his time with violet.

    • Me123

      You don’t know what happens at home. All you, and most people, see if what happens when they’re out and about with the kids. Violet is older and heavier and it’s probably much easier for him to carry her around while Jennifer carries Seraphina. Maybe Violet is a daddy’s girl and cries for him to hold her when they’re all out together. None of us really know. You shouldn’t comment so negatively on a subject you’re unsure of.

      The entire family is adorable. I love them.

      • Anonymous

        or violet could walk. hey thats a thought!

        • Anonymous

          Would you let your kid walk while being stalked by all those crazy paparazzi?

  • Angela

    He is gorgeous when he smiles!

  • Anonymous

    gorgeous family!

  • Anonymous

    Such a gorgeous family no matter what others think, I adore them.

  • Anonymous

    Stop the pics of this boring family every day *YAWN*. I can’t scroll down fast enough.

  • anonymous

    yet you stopped to look .Really smart aren’t you?

  • Anonymous

    jennifer garner has a hickey. hence why shes been wearing a scarf the last couple outings.

  • Anonymous

    You can’t help but look because their stupid faces are plastered everywhere everyday of the freaking week…..GEEZ

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Ben looks terrible and Violet seems to be giving the finger which is why Ben is probably laughing. What a brat!!

  • Anonymous

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