Denise Richards’ Daughters Told Santa Doesn’t Exist

Denise Richards is relieved her daughters, Sam, 6, and Lola, 5, still believe in Santa Claus. She explains to Access Hollywood that a child at school told one of her girls that he didn’t exist.

She said, “It was almost blown. There was a little girl at school – Sammy told me, ‘Mom, is it true you put your name on the present?’ and I said, ‘No’. I love that they believe in Santa. It’s so fun.”

Discussing her children, she says Lola is “definitely very spontaneous and very chatty” like her mom and Sam is more like her dad Charlie Sheen, describing her as “very quiet” and “very focused, which is fantastic with school and everything.”

Recently she shared what her girls wanted for Christmas.

Have you heard of American Girl? That’s all they want. They actually went through the catalog, and that’s all that’s on their lists.”

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  • Hannah.J

    They are to young to stop believing, Denise is right it is fun when the kids believe in Santa.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t get past the blinding colors and sparkles, sorry….

  • Anonymous

    So basically she lied to her girls in order to cover a lie. Wow. Some people amaze me. I guess she would rather her daughter growing up thinking that her mom is a liar.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, because that’s what everyone who’s believed in Santa thinks of their parents. It’s a silly childhood thing, and thankfully most people appreciate the fun and joy their parents were able to create for a while. What a bitter world it would be if everyone grew up and turned the magical memory of Santa into a self-righteous pity party because, ignoring all of their good intentions, of course, mom and dad are actually just nasty liars.

  • Audrey

    I hope they believe in the toothe fairy a little longer too. I don’t know anyone who grew up with a grudge because they believed in Santa as a child. Sheeesshh.

  • JMO

    Definately Lie! It’s actually one that someday your children will appreciate. I was far too young when I found out thanks to an older loud mouth brother and after although I still love Christmas the “magic” was gone. I wish I had believed much longer and I think kids should have that magic in their life for as long as possible! I have never met a child who hated their parents for lying to them about the myth of Santa!
    My nephew is 9 1/2 and this year he started to question it but we all just let him have his theory and stayed mum!

  • Anonymous

    im not against not coming out and telling them the truth, but if they actually ask you about it, shouldnt you tell them the truth?? i just couldnt lie right to their faces. i think if they’re old enouh to ask then they should know.

    • Danielle

      yeh I agree with that.

      Although I wouldn’t be lying about it in first place. Its not that I am ruining the magic of Christmas if that actually exists anymore, most kids I come across it’s all just I want I want I want. And believing in Santa (someone pretty much made up by Coca Cola) just promotes the I want factor as they don’t realise the time and money and sacrifice people have made as they just think Santas whipped it up in his workshop.

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