Steven Curtis Chapman Talks About The Loss Of His Daughter

“Meant To Be” singer Steven Curtis Chapman spoke to Parade about his Christian religion, his music, and his daughter, Maria, who died two years ago at the age of 5. Maria died in 2008 in a tragic car accident at the family home.

Steven says the death of his daughter has not “defined our lives, but redefined us,” also calling the struggle his family went through a “wrestling match with God.” His son was involved in the accident, and Steven opened up about how he was affected by the death of his younger sister.

Yeah, my son is really a walking miracle. He is an amazing young man. My wife calls him a warrior and he really is. The courage that he has faced life with is truly something that inspired us as a family and I think so many others. He’s on tour with me, plays with my band. He really would say he does it in many ways to honor his little sister and really to honor the hope that he has that he’s going to see her again. He’s really doing well.

Steven’s wife, Mary Beth, has also just written a book, Waiting To See, which Steven said he encouraged her to write, after seeing the reactions she received from her blog. “I was her biggest cheerleader in the process because I saw what she would write just out of her broken heart of losing our little girl. I would see her write about that in a blog that she would post on my website and just how it would help other people.” he said.

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  • Anonymous

    I love steven curtis chapman!! His was the first concert I went to – about 19 years ago!! I have followed him through the years and agree they are all warriors. Thank you for being an inspiration and for sharing the Lord with the world.

  • mackenzie

    well some parents Handel a child death different ways.

  • Anonymous

    Parents worst nightmare 🙁 I’m glad he’s been able to work through it

  • SarahLC

    He is such an amazing singer and very inspirational. It’s sad about his little girl, but she’s an angel up in Heaven now looking down upon him and his family. I wish the Chapman family the best!

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