Willow Smith Might Do Her Own ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’

Like father, like daughter! Eleven year old Willow Smith,who had one of the year’s catchiest singles with Whip My Hair might follow up her viral sensation with a remake of dad Will Smith’s Parents Just Don’t Understand.

In an interview with Yahoo! Music, Willow says “There’s a possibility that I will… it’s a really great song.” Of her own song, Whip My Hair, she says it was about “being yourself” and that her favorite hair-do in the video for the tune was the one that resembled cotton candy!

Willow also reveals some simple career advice from her parents, Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, who have told her to “have fun” as she embarks on her own path in show business. Willow was just signed to Jay Z’s label, Roc Nation.

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  • Anonymous

    Make it go away, please.

  • Anonymous

    Nice parenting. I think I also read an article about the Smith’s that they do not believe in setting rules for their children either. Goes to show that $ sure doesn’t make you a good parent! No matter how many nannies you have!

    • Anonymous

      actually, since that’s the $cientology way, I think it shows how in to CO$ they are. Is it me or did they start really pushing their kids to the publicity forefront and making sure the kids had high profile careers after they got really cozy with the CO$ crowd?

  • Anonymous

    after listening to the “whip my hair” track, i can confirm that this willow child has inherited will’s musical talent. i.e. none

    • Anonymous

      maybe less, the entire thing is very obviously done with autotune

  • Anonymous

    Why is this kid so popular? Her song, “whip my hair” is just horrible! Her outfits are beyond nuts. I admit, I just DON’T get it!

  • KelsiiBabee <3

    She needs 2 qet her outfitss straiqht because they makee her look like a 28 qrown year old women; when she aint.>.. ! AND JADEN ALURA SAY AYY BOO BOO!

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