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@lisarinna Hey at least I’m brave enough to show myself without make up!! Here I am no make up not an ounce!

@brookeburke I’m so sad… My 10 yr old doesn’t believe in the Tooth Fairy anymore. Just cashed in her molar for $5

@KimberlilyVDB After 45 min of trying2 get Olivia2 sleep w/out me my husband walks out “I don’t know what else to do except pour myself a stronger drink.”

@ScottBaio Renee taped Happy Days for BB to watch. She said, that’s my daddy. He’s a little boy, I wanna be on tv 2.

@russellcrowe That black nail that some of you have commented on is giving every indication it’s going to come off completely.

@petewentz I run in the snow like kevin from home alone. Yep. How adult.

@Bethenny Good tip:when using those bath/shower scrubs,do on dry skin in shower.Then turn on water&rinse.much better results.smooth like a baby.

@DENISE_RICHARDS Off to breakfast then the pool.. Hoping to get the girls to the beach!

@ConanOBrien You can tell I’m on vacation when my tweets are particularly lame. And how come the Hulk’s shirt falls off, but never his pants?

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Photo credit: Lisa Rinna's Twitter

  • JMO

    really? I say put the makeup back on. And yes lips are still too big!

    Her girls are very pretty though.

  • Anonymous

    wow she looks like kim kardashian’s evil twin sister
    they must use the same plastic surgeon

  • Anonymous

    It looks like she still has makeup on (eyeliner/mascara).

  • Anonymous

    ugly ……..omg rinna is a beast. puking…..right now……

  • Anonymous

    So brave….how much “work” has she had done to look like that. Laser, botox and those unnatural.

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