Celebrity Parents Tweet In The New Year!

Goodbye 2010, hello 2011! Our favourite celebrity moms and dad took to Twitter to ring in the New Year!

@torianddean Stella had me do her hair with an “updo” for New Years!

@ConanOBrien All of you transformed what should have been a terrible year into a wildly fun adventure. Thanks for sticking with me and Happy New Year.

@Deanracer Happy New Year to all !!! I wish you happiness, health, love and wealth. 2011 is going to be heaven.!!!!

@alyankovic In just a few hours EVERYTHING WILL BE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

@vanderjames Wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year, full of transformation and manifestation!

@ActuallyNPH Neil’s New Year Resolutions, Part 5: Learn to speak baby.

@PadmaLakshmi Oh my God! Prince is playing our New Years Party! Dream come true!!!

@CMilianOfficial Happy New Year! May this year bring you love, light and memories that last forever! Stay blessed and be safe everyone!

@Dmoceanu Welcome 2011! Ready for a new year. Good luck, good health, wealth and success!

@alydenisof Happy NEW YEAR to all that are already there! And Happy almost New Year to the rest of us!!!

@goconstance Annnnnnnnd DRIVE SAFE!!!! If you drink, DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT DRIVING!!!! Or I will pinch you! (And not in a good way!) MUAH!

@lisarinna The kIds are making smores in the fireplace and we r getting ready to watch the ball drop east coast time what are you all doing?

@KimberlilyVDB Life always gives battles and it always gives magic. Here’s 2 a magical 2011. May all your hard work bring miracles, love and happiness!

@CLMazza Happy New Year!!!!! I hope everyone has a great night! Please don’t drink and drive!! Xo

Happy New Year from @celeb_babyscoop!

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Photo credit: Tori Spelling's Twitter

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  • MelissaHumesCole(L)

    have a good birth amanda :)x

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