Denise Richards’ Girls Getaway

Denise Richards closed out the year in style, hitting the beach in Maui, Hawaii yesterday with her daughters Sam, 6, and Lola, 5 (December 31).

Seems the trio are loving life in the Aloha state. After a trip to the salon – Sam got a new ‘do while Lola went for a mani – Denise Tweeted:

“Poolside with the family..enjoying last few days of our trip! Loving this time with my girls.they already wanna plan our next getaway!”

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Photo credit: Twitter, Flynet


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  1. tiki

    so glad to see little girls looking like little girls and not miniature women in bikinis. their bathing suits are age appropriate and sweet. good for denise richards.

  2. JMO

    yeah sad they can’t even go on vacation with out photographers in their face. Makes me sad for them.

  3. Anonymous

    You do all realize that Denise (and many celebrities) stage these photos, right? These are not paparazzi photos, she’s posing.

  4. Anonymous

    I agree, she looks like she’s posing. And the kids don’t look happy. I wonder how many celebs let their children know they’re posing for the paps – “Honey, just be quiet and look happy, this is not about you, it’s all about the camera people.”

  5. Anonymous

    Feel sad for the kids yes but not Denise she love the attention she getting from the paparazzi if she wanted privacy she wouldn’t post photos of herself and her girls on twitter all the time.

  6. kurtis

    yeah sorry for da kids it must be really annoying

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