Bethenny Frankel’s Big Apple Bunch

Reality star Bethenny Frankel looked ultra chic as she stepped out for a stroll with her husband Jason Hoppy, their 7-1/2-month-old daughter Bryn and a friend in New York City today (January 2).

The Bethenny’s Getting Married star took to Twitter this morning to share some big news about her baby girl (and an adorable pic, too!):

Bryn woke up and said “MA MA MA” 3 times today!!!!first words!”

So sweet!

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  1. Erica Ann

    Aww Bryn is a little baby doll and Jason makes a handsome daddy. I am going to see Bethenny on January 15th, she is coming to Providence to do a Skinnygirl Night Out, I am so excited!

  2. alexa

    Brynn is adorable and sweet.

  3. Anonymous

    Bryn is absolutely adorable!

  4. Sunny Sue

    I adore Bethenny but she should know that baby is not saying “mama.” At 7 months, it’s very typical for the baby to start making sounds and “speaking” but she is not actually calling Bethenny, “ma ma ma.” When she does it for REAL, she’ll know.

  5. BethennyFan21

    Wow sunny sue what a joy kill you are, doesn’t matter if Bryn said ma ma ma or what just babbling and it sounded like that. She still said it and Bethenny has every right to be excited.

  6. Anonymous

    BethennyFan 21….first of all the expression is “kill joy”, and I think that Sunny Sue is accurate in what she said. Bethenny should know the truth….after all she is a 40 year old woman with a 12 year old brain. I think Bethenny needs to get over herself. It’s always about “her, her, her” She is the most sickening person ever. I don’t even know how her wimpy husband can stand her. On the other hand, he probably tolerates her because he is a big wimp himself. There is nothing manly about him.

    • Anonymous

      I can’t stand her either, but the reality is that babies mimic the sounds you make to them. So if they are saying things like “Ma Ma Ma” to her, she COULD very well be mimicking them.

      My daughter’s first “words” were “Ba Ba”, which we all assumed meant bottle. Was it a “true” word? Probably not, but it was the start of her making sounds.

      Let the woman have her thrill.

  7. Anonymous2

    So what if she’s excited and thinks Bryn talked even if it’s not technically talking? It’s her kid, she can be excited if she wants to. Geez you people act like her being proud of her daughter is a bad thing. I’m sure Bethenny does know Bryn isn’t actually talking, she’s not a moron after all. How is her posting about her daughter all about her? I’m sorry I don’t think it is, she’s talking about her DAUGHTER NOT herself.

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