Anne Hathaway: “I’m Dying To Be A Mother”

Anne Hathaway has a gig coming up that is the envy of Hollywood – she was chosen, along with James Franco, to co-host the 2011 Academy Awards. But there’s another event that she’s eagerly anticipating, too – starting a family.

“I’m dying to be a mother,” the Love And Other Drugs actress said in a recent interview. “I’m not ready for it yet, but it’s one of the joys of life that I’m looking forward to so very much.”

Anne’s four-year romance with shady property developer Raffaello Follieri ended when he was arrested by the FBI for defrauding investors and started serving a four-year jail term in 2008. For the last two years Anne has been dating actor Adam Shulman.

And the actress’ desire to start a family doesn’t mean she isn’t happy with her successful career that started with 2001’s Princess Diaries – she’s just looking to mix things up a little more. “I’ve always been such a driven person,” she said. “I work very hard and right now I’m trying to find a balance.

“On the one hand there’s my job, which I love and which has been my everything for so long, and then there’s making sure the people in my life feel loved and appreciated, and that I spend enough time with them,” she explained. “Let’s say I’m learning to walk the walk.”

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  • Anonymous

    “I’m dying to be a mother, but i’m not ready for it yet”- sounds like a bit of a contradiction. I suppose it would have been better to say “I would like to be a mother”

  • Anonymous

    It’s not a contradiction. One can be emotionally ready, but not circumstantially ready.

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