Kate Gosselin & Kids: Touch Down In Brisbane

Reality TV darling Kate Gosselin was seen touching down at Brisbane Airport with her 8 children – 10-year-old twins Cara and Mady, and 6-year-old sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel – on Tuesday (January 4) to shoot some scenes for upcoming episodes of Kate Plus 8.

Kate’s ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, reportedly tried to prevent Kate from taking the kids to Australia by going to court in Pennsylvania last month.

“It was another slap in the face for Jon because he did not want the kids to go to Australia,” a source said. “But the judge ruled that because it was for work it was okay. Jon had plans to get together with his kids and friends for New Year, but now he will not see them until they return in the middle of January.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • JMO

    “It was for work?”

    They’re kids for crying out loud!!! No this was Kate trying to do her “job” and draggin her kids with her. Not that I’d complain to go to Australia but what about school?? Isn’t that more of a priority then vacations?

  • Anonymous

    I agree with your comment but I also think going to Australia is a wonderful opportunity and comes with many learning lessons as well that they may never have been able to do otherwise. That is one of my dream vacation spots along with Ireland. If she is a good mother then she probably has all their homework and things from the teachers.

  • Aussie

    This woman was a nightmare on our flight. Her kids were unruly while she slept the entire time and didn’t pay one bit of attention to them. When she was awake, she treated the flight crew like personal slaves. One of the crewmembers had to instruct Gosselin not to talk to her like that. We can’t send her back to America quick enough.

  • Angela

    I always try to keep my comments positive, but I do not like this woman. I think she is a horrible mother who puts her career before her children. Just my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to know why anyone even really pays attention to them anymore??

  • Anonymous

    Poor Leah looks like she already has a sunburn. What an irresponsible mother…
    I HATE KATE! John is the better parent.

  • Anonymous

    Aussie – You are repeating lies told before. My word, get a life.

    Jon a better parent? Please – he DOES NOT want the kids. He only uses them to get lonely, ugly people to hate on her.

  • SANY

    I stopped watching their show along time ago, couldn’t stand Kate and still can’t. I really don’t understand why people watch her show now, she is not a nice person……

  • Anonymous

    WOW @ the one who was on the flight with her… Well, that speaks to her parenting. I am appalled at the arrogance to fall asleep when her kids were wide awake. Mine are much older and I only have three boys and dont do that. I still think Australia will be great for the kids to learn and experience. BUT UGH @ KATE!!!

  • alexa

    I stopped watching the show when she became a media hog. When Jon and Kate plus 8 begin the show was cute and fun. Later on the season she changed.

  • Seana

    To the people who believe the poster who claims to have been on the flight with Kate — I have a great business Nigerian business opportunity for you. My father passed away leaving one billion dollars in the bank. I need you to help me claim and I will cut you in on the proceeds.

    The picture are super cute. Alexis is freakin adorable. Can’t wait to see this special.

  • Anonymous

    I believe the poster who claims to have been on the flight with Kate, in 2007 in a episode of Jon and Kate plus 8 they were traveling on a plane to Utah for a skiing vacation and those kids were bad screaming cry you could tell by the looks on the other people face that they were not happy and Kate did nothing to stop them, so the posters claims are believable.

  • Anonymous

    Why do all you Kate haters even bother looking at these photos?
    I don’t know if you have noticed, but Kate has a lot of mouths to feed. Do you really think that Kate could go back to a normal job since she has become so popular? the answer is no.
    Jon and Kate’s kids will all have money for college and don’t have to wear hand me downs.
    Also, unless you know her personally how can you possibly judge her parenting? like it or not, tv producers choose a way to show a person on a reality show and stick with it. In saying that i feel that Kate does a fantastic job for a single mum with 8 kids.

    • Beckster

      I agree whole hardly with your comments. Don’t judge another human being until you have walked in their shoes. Kate is only trying to support her children since she obviously doesn’t get much help from her loser ex-husband.

  • Jane45

    Anonymous1:26pm you’re the only one that is lonely and ugly.

  • Cindy

    We can guess all we want, but it’s not possible to judge whether or not she’s a good mother. And really…it’s not my position to judge her. The kids seem fine. I have no idea if she’s a good mother or not, but I do know that if a cameras followed me around all day with my TWO that I wouldn’t always look fantastic. She is earning a living for her kids…with her kids…and I understand that it wouldn’t happen without the kids. However, she has them, she has to feed them and make sure they have what they need, and so she does it. The problem with Kate is her very strong personality, one that causes both men and women to think she is a *itch. In a man that is a quality most admire, or at least respect.

  • Tazina

    If I had to feed, clothe and put 8 kids through college on my own, with a father probably contributing next to zero, I’d be doing anything I could to ensure their future. A trip to Australia is not the end of the world. It will be educational, broaden their horizons. I doubt they’ll be gone more than a week. Relax.

  • JMO

    I don’t know if the person is telling the truth about the plane or not. I was at a Taylor Swift concert in Philly and she was there with Tony her dancer. She lifted each one of her kids up (they were seated in box seatings) so everyone could scream and gawk at them. The older girls Mady and Cara just simply went off to the side and sat by themselves. During different times in the show you could see Kate of talking to whoever in the back while her nannies sat with the kids.
    I can’t really judge her as mother since I don’t see her behind the scenes of Kate plus 8. But I can say that I cant’ even watch the show anymore simply bc I’m embarrassed for her! She’s loud, obnoxious, annoying! Remember these 8 kids are her meal tix. Without them she is a nobody! And when the kids are old enough there will be no show bc nobody cares and she’ll have to find something more to do with her life.
    If you look at people like The McCaughey’s septuplets who just turned 13 we rarely see them in the public limelight (except for a brief TLC special last week) and they all seem to do well without the camera’s in their faces. And truthfull I’d much rather watch a show about them and how they deal with their 2 kids disabilities then Kate and her kids. it’s JMO of course!!!!

  • Jules

    Don’t they have school?

  • Sunny Sue

    Used to love the show, now I abohor it! I don’t know if it’s Kate or if it’s just *different* now but I can’t stand it.

  • Anonymous

    The plane ticket bill would be huge!

  • Anonymous

    Tazina and Cindy Give me a brake she could stop working right now go away with her kids and be find, she will get residuals for reruns of “John and Kate plus 8”, “Kate plus 8” and book deals and she has said that she already has money for all the Kids College funds put a side unless she spent that so you can’t use that as an excuse. Kate fan are always trying to come up with some excuses for Kate to continue to exploit her kids on TV for her own benefit , these kids are having problems in school and two were already expelled you think it would be a wakeup call to stop the show and focus on her kids in privet.

    • Victoria

      It doesn’t work that way all the time, All shows aren’t put into syndication for whatever reason the Network decides.

  • Do Not Like

    We may not know for sure how badly she sucks as a mother, but I’m sure at least one of her eight will let the world know when they reach adulthood.

    • Anonymous

      Mother? She’s not their mother. She’s their agent. The two young ladies in the background (nanny’s) are their mothers.

      • melo1983

        Oh hush we don’t know all of their business like that, Kate is their mother!
        She looks really pretty here btw.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you 9:33

  • Anonymous

    Victoria: Discovery channel is already showing reruns of “John and Kate plus 8”so she is getting money from that plus all 8 kids get paid for doing the show not just Kate, that makes 8 times the money and if you add the 6 years they had a show that a lot of money she has put away that she and the kids can live off of is she stop doing the show. She used to be a great mother she was all about her kids and putting them first in the past 2 to 3 years she let the fame go to head and has put her needs and wants first instead of her kids. She was always controlling never like that about her but she has changed so much over the years that she gotten really nasty. I remember when she used to cook, clean, and wash clothes she had help yes but she used to do most of the work, now she too good to do those thing that she has a cook, a maid and nannies .

  • Anonymous

    I am not surprised by the comments about her behavior on the flight. One of my daughter’s high school swim meets last year was against the team of her bodyguard’s son. She was there, which seems kind of strange on its own. She was handing out pre-signed autographs from her purse (again, kind of strange to carry those about)…and about half way through the meet, she started crying and left. A very odd woman who should not be on TV – or in any media- any longer!

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